Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Daddy Bear!

Alright. Strictly speaking "mummy bear"!
As well as the cute chickens - Gordon, Jamie & Hugh - in the Beautiful Toys to Knit supplement that came with the May 2010 issue of SK was a set of patterns for Three Bears by Laura Long, from her book and which complement the tiny teddie pattern I've knit a few times from an issue of Yarn Forward.
My son requested "daddy bear" in the cream left over yarn from the duffel coat I'd knit for baby-Maisie earlier this year but I estimated I'd not have quite enough, luckily I went with my feeling and knit the slightly smaller "mummy bear" and even so I only just had enough yarn! phew!
Cute pattern! son.2 has requested one in light brown now! I can't, of course, say no! (has ANY knitter EVER said no? to a request to KNIT for someone!?) (well obviously I have said no! quite a few times, but I mean for family for sensible requests!) anyway, as my children rarely if ever request stuff, I've promised to knit another one!

I would like to improve on my embroidered details - and finishing for the toys/bears too - I think I've managed to fudge the few I've done and they've certainly been well received but the self critical eye in me knows the detail could be better!

A good cyber-AF-pal has expressed an interest in a free pattern for a JR from the book and I've promised to have a look at it before commiting to agree to knit it!

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