Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Me wearing fayer

Me wearing Fayer - lovely and warm all I need now is the snow!?  Or perhaps not!?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fayer - alpaca cotton

Fayer knitted in Rowan alpaca cotton - lovely and warm!  I have updated my ravelry project page but still not worked out how to include a link on my new iPad - another lesson from tech minded brother I think!
It snowed this morning and looked like it was settling but as quick as it came it also went, pity I could snuggle up in my new warm jumper!

Peridot goes on the needles

I started Peridot in Rowan Truesilk last night, it's knitting up nicely but feels funny after using 6mm needles for my last jumper, Fayer, which is done and sewn up and worn even!  I will take a photo of it today and share later on!
After thinking this winter we'd get away with no snow what did we get up to this morning? - SNOW!
Hopefully it won't stick it's slowing up already.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Plane knitting - my sock

Well so much for my plane knitting!  I cast on yesterday and knitted the leg!  It's lovely yarn to knit and the colours are fabulous, this will look lovely with jeans don't you think?
I shall have to find another project I think.
Fayer is coming along I have just the neck to kin and then sew it up, I will post picture when it's finished.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yarnie purchases

Some purchases I made, two balls of Wendy Roam half price and some lovely Rowan Truesilk for a cardigan.

Plane knitting

Some plain knitting for plane knitting on trip to Australia - socks for which ever son claims them, I bought three balls of this in half price sale last year and have knitted one grey pair already.
I can't work out how to link to my ravelry projects page on the iPad - have to ask my brother next time he is over!  I am just so pleased I can take a photo and upload to ravelry, FB and here.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday afternoon knitting ..

My project, Fayer, is coming along nicely and I am knitting my second sleeve with just the making up and finishing to do next.   I have two projects on the go - a second sock and a scarf - and plans for another garment.  Our holiday plans to Australia are progressing nicely with a comprehensive list of things to do and see, I am sure everyone is right and it won't be long enough!  We are all super excited though!

On the knitting front I am trying hard to knit from stash and be more organised - I realise that much as I enjoy my knitting it can at the same time cause me to feel stressed (especially because as a process knitter I keep getting side tracked by all the new things to try!)
I had a mad spell and signed for three more half priced Craftsy classes including a finishing class and an improve your knitting and I enjoy all three and wish I had more time!
Time management is not my strong point!

This months "Knitter" magazine came yesterday and I am tempted yet more patterns!