Monday, 13 June 2011

Arielle my summer knit project

Last night I finally CO for Arielle which will be my main summer knit project!
I spent ages swatching as I felt I wanted to be sure of getting gauge and as I'm inbetween sizes after looking at fellow Raveller's projects and comments on sizing I have gone for the size "medium".
stitch count achieved, but not row

My "new" resolve is to spend a little time doing a swatch if for no other reason than to NOT feel it was my fault if it turns out not to fit as I expected - I start off ok, whats a few stitches and rows? half way through I do a sneaky measure and decide that it will be fine and I could, then, stop?  but I don't - I am sticking to my resolve and find as I do EVERY TIME that I achieve the st count, but fail the row .. and as I do EVERY TIME I think "oh! well!" and use the recommended needles anyway .. waste of time? quite possibly? but it does give me the opportunity to get a feel for the stitches how they "knit" on the needles.
I'm using Rowan milk cotton, fine and it is a bit "splitty" - I need to take some care with the needles because in places where I've "split" or caught the stitch "wrong" it really shows up!! fortunately the few occasions it has have been on the WS but its enough to make me aware of being careful.
I prefer not to have to feel I MUST be "careful" but the deliciousness of both the texture of the knitted fabric AND the creaminess of this shade - 493 - makes it worth the effort - in short I love it already!

Arielle Back Hem

The hem is knit first on teeny-tiny 2.25mm needles and I was fortunate to find a circ. in that size and a pair of 2.75mm needles from "Grandmas knitting collection" - indeed I found 4 or 5 pairs in various needle lengths and states of straightness/kinks so I assume, then, that this was a popular weight of yarn and needle size in those days?
I feel I am becoming an expert in short row shaping!  and wrapping stitches!  knitting the lovely "Kate" shawl has set me up I think for life on how to do this and you can see from the photo above how the top edge is shorter and more gathered to pick up and knit from to form the main garment back section later .. just about 100 more rows .. sigh .. 39 repeats of the 8 row pattern .. I've done about 11 since last night

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