Friday, 24 August 2012

Claire's big day - lighting the cauldron - Paralympics

In case you missed, here is a link showing the lovely Claire Lomas lighting the cauldron in Trafalgar Square, London, to open the Paralympic Games - dh's niece was permanently paralysed some 5 years ago after a dreadful accident while competing in a horse trials event and you may recall she spent some 17 days "walking" the London Marathon in the brand new "Rewalk" suit as the first person in UK to use one.  She now has her own after years of hard work raising funds, she continues to tirelessly work to raise awareness and monies for Spinal Research and next year plans a London to Paris bike rike!  You can read her story, her blog and her funraising initiaves here
mad! she must be! xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Ishbel! finished ..

The lovely Ishbel is finished!  I used less than one ball of Rowan Fine Lace and added beads - rather later than I wish I had! - in the last three sections.
I've Ravelled it here!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Glorious 12th ..

The Glorious 12th is in fact celebrated on the 13th where it lands on a Sunday ..
Good job it doesn't apply to BIRTHDAYS then!
I've sat since last Thurs squishing a package and had to wait until after 5pm today to open as most of the family were out at WORK! bah!

Yes, its my BIRTHDAY! hurrah! and lots of happy birthday wishes and cards made my day!

Which is why this LOVELY yarn and pattern is so apt!  One of my new knit-club-pals, Brenda, gifted me the pattern last week and only went and ordered the sock yarn as well!  how FAB is that!

it really IS that bright! and whats lovely is the pattern is designed to reflect this - I've added it to my projects/queue already!

Its not a birthday without CAKE ..A triple layer chocolate filled with fudge sauce just because it IS my birthday ..
My brother turned up in the morning with a lovely yellow gift bag - containing a bottle of extremely limited edition (and hard to find! and very expensive!!) JD - honey flavoured no less!
VERY VERY NICE .. warning - you may be tempted - you will like it so if easily tempted stay clear and leave it all for me! I love it!  Who said you can't have JD for breakfast? ;-)

Just in case you want to look out for it!
My brother had had a measure at a pub and his pal had holidayed in US and brought him a small sized bottle as he'd realised it was unusual over here - it certainly makes a change from my usual GIN!

Tonight also sees the end of the OLYMPICS! boo! WHAT are we going to watch NOW the rest of the summer?
its really taken off amongst us and most of my friends, too.  I've enjoyed taking part in the Ravellenics and being part of the TEAM too!  I've ordered my pin! and can't wait to wear it!

We're going to watch the Closing Ceremony in about half an hours time and it will be sad to see the Games finish, but a lot of pride in how it went and especially for the FABULOUS and successful TEAM GB! we finished third in the end on the Medal Table - well done our athletes! they did us proud!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Shameless Showing Off - Rosaleen

ME! wearing the lovely shawl finished recently as part of my team event for the ravellenics - I like the yarn, I love the pattern! can you tell?

Not sure what I'll do about my second event - the lovely Rams and Yowes - I do want to knit it this year, but I'm overwhelmed again by squillions of projects OTN's I'll have to be sensible about it!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Past the post and blocking on the sewing mat

I've officially finished and been presented on the Podium for the Event: Shawl Sailing - hurrah!
(you have to look quite far down - ahem - there are plenty ahead of me! but I'm pleased and proud to have DONE my project in a timely fashion and you can see it here).

My shawl is blocking nicely now on the cutting table in my sewing room - note to self: do NOT announce in passing to dh as he clomps up the stairs headed to the bathroom "oh! my shawl IS BLOCKING IN THE SINK .."
to dh, this translates as "ah! there is some old bit of wooly stuff BLOCKING UP THE SINK .. "
picture me carefully soaking my shawl - fast forward to dh scraping at and tugging at fibres ..
you can imagine the squeals yourself ..

Tomorrow I hope to be able to share photo's of the finished project blocked out nicely and dry but for now its laid out between towels and I expect one or other cat will find it a comfy bed overnight ..

Soon I plan to CO and commence Event Two: Afghan Marathon .. wish me luck ..

Friday, 3 August 2012

Ravellenics : FINISHED!

I finished! yay! 3rd August around 16:30 my first project for the team!  Event - Shawl Sailing and my lovely Rosaleen shawl!
The pattern was gifted to me by the Designer, Rachel Coopey, for finishing her lovely Strawbs socks in timely fashion and I loved knitting it! and will enjoy wearing it!
The shawl needs blocking - tomorrow now! but I wanted to get it up and registered across the FINISH LINE for the team/Ravellenics games!

Lovely afternoon yesterday with knit-pal-Sally we each got a good bargain in the form of Knit Pro straight needles at HALF PRICE! stocked up on popular sizes - my gift to myself!

Do Not Disturb
what can I say? Lilly the cat curled up in front of the freezer chilling in this hot weather we've had in a very deep sleep : Do Not Disturb! cats, eh? x