Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cable woes and shopping mishaps

As a family we are watching the current series of BGT and between you and me, WE'RE feeling that this year is the weakest series and some frankly dodgy decisions by ALL of the judges!  However we're still watching AND voting!  Last night was the poorest selection of candidates however we voted for Les Gibson, the impressionist, although to be honest it was more entertaining the look on Dec's face (or was it Ant? .. its too boring to "not know which is which" zzz) he clearly wasn't liking the reaction!

In the MIDDLE of it all our cable went wonky (had been dodgy connection with phone, 'net & tv all day according to no.1.son! hmm, what was he saying about spending all day doing HOMEWORK??) and there was a RUSH to get the bes (only!) seat upstairs in the lads' room where apparently both tv AND internet were fully working! (how does that work?).  Poor dh was left downstairs to randomly fiddle and press with buttons, switches and reset functions while WE started watching Corrie which we're LOVING this week! all the stories that have been brewing so far are starting to come together and as huge fans of Corrie and avid followers we're hooked and can't wait to see what happens next! sad, isn't it? really?  Poor no.1.son got it in the neck from BOTH of us (no.2.son and I, dh doesn't watch Corrie/soaps) when HE unfortunately pressed a button and FROZE the screen! once again HUGE scramble for the best (only) seat upstairs .. false alarm! dh got it working ! I was frankly GLAD when it was over!
This morning, thankfully, both tv and internet are performing as one might expect them to for the MONEY it costs!

CROSS at the moment! cross because as I boasted before, I am a seasoned careful shopper and my skill has been honed since it has become necessary to tighten our belts and I like to think that I can spot a rip off when I see one and having got excellent value for his money for my BROTHER in shopping and batch cooking for him while he recovers his accident/broken limbs, I ended up paying a WHOPPING £1-78 EACH per bottle for THREE of what we THOUGHT was a "special offer" deal on a well known popular brand of POP! and it turns out either we didn't get the "deal" at the till point OR there wasn't a deal! OR it didn't apply to the sugar-free variety.  Either way it made me cross as I went over budget by some £3-50 .. bah!  Naturally my brother was unconcerned about this not least because he doesn't need to work TO a strict budget in the same way that we do and he was just pleased and rather amazed I'd managed to fill his freezer with food! BUT its the princple.  I hate hate HATE it when supermarkets try to "fool" us into thinking we're getting what we want at a favourable price with clever positioning and careful promotional boards (note to self: MUST take glasses to the shops not just for reading labels, but for small print on PROMOTIONAL materials too!)

ENOUGH. of the domestics.
OTN's last night is the 2nd teddy bear which I have promised to knit for no.2.son - I've about run out of wadding/stuffing but I had promised .. so I'll have to do it
On visit to HobbyCraft last night for buttons for Little Sailor Girl cardi, noticed they had a special price of £1-99 for Sublime baby cotton kapok dk .. tempted .. very tempted .. but resisted!  today we are taking the 2nd baby gift bag of goodies over to SIL for the 2nd of her new grandchildren born this year!

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