Sunday, 4 July 2010

Fresh Strawberries & Raspberries

We don't do much in our garden, much less grow things to eat but for some years now we've been lucky with a raspberry bush and some strawberry plants too.
Often we just pick and eat the fruit as it ripens (no.2.son is particularly good at this) but occasionally we get a large bowl of fruit and this weekend we were very lucky!
No.2.son whipped up a portion each of Eton Mess and I can confirm it was delicious!!

One of our friends has started a vegetable patch in her garden and has promised to bring us some of her vegetables and lately I've been thinking along similar lines - how to get the family particularly dh interested (in DOING the work) is uppermost in my mind though! lol!!

On the home dec. front, the living room is coming along nicely; our fireplace is now blocked off and the hole in the floor is filled in and we've moved some electric sockets and a pal is coming over tomorrow to put some plaster board up and next to be tackled is the ceiling.
The walls are stripped bare! and all the skirting boards are ripped off - its like living in a building site but will be worth it in the end I'm certain. We've certainly waited a long time for this redecoration!

The beading project is coming along well! I've finished the skirt front and just have the back to do and am thinking of further embellishment with embroidery - this skirt is looking fab and I'm pleased to report that its really getting me interested in sewing again which is no bad thing!

Knitting wise, I took along my ML 2xsocks 1xneedle plain socks to the local Hospital where I had an Echocardiogram this Friday and managed a few rounds while waiting for my appointment which thankfully was on time.
Annoyingly though I had asked specifically TWO people - the A&E Dr who ordered the test and the Nurse attaching the equipment IF I needed to cancel my appt for the 24hr monitor test or would THEY do it automatically I was assured that THEY would do it. I even reminded the Nurse when I returned the following day to have it removed and was, again, assured that they would do it. And what? did they? no! they didn't!
The Receptionist came out and rather rudely berated me for failing to attend for my tape appt the previous day! I went through the tale and explained, she went off to check and returned to apologise.
I can understand why she was initially annoyed. Obviously my failing to attend meant that the equipment and staff were not put to good use to another patient who might be waiting for an appointment and have been glad of it.
I have now had both my tests and am currently waiting for my review in a few weeks time.
Meanwhile, the Nurse spent several minutes looking at my socks and my needle in particular and all ended happily after a pleasant discussion about the pleasure and usefulness of KNITTING!

The socks, btw, are fast approaching the toe section!