Sunday, 12 June 2011

A nearly finished room!

3 chicks face out

3 chicks watch us
PROGRESS is being made on the redecorating of our lounge/living room!
Very nearly complete we're on schedule for the fitting of carpet and delivery of new 3-piece suite end June/beg July and its all looking FAB!
Impressed the way my three chicks are totally co-ordinated to the wallpaper! poor Bertie the cat is not impressed that THEY are sat atop HIS perch on the tv and has been caught several times removing the chicks scattering them on the floor!  I'm half expecting to find at least one of them spilling their insides one of these days!
The trouble with CATS is that they do like to rip things apart to spill the insides.
LILLY is particularly good at this and her speciality is rats. LARGE rats. MULTIPLE rats.  whole FAMILIES of rats, not just families but COMMUNITIES of them.  No.1.son confidently stated that we are never more than a short distance from a rat whether we know it or not, and ever since I've been having NIGHTMARES about giving in and letting dh install a cat flap. 
the cats, especially Bertie, scratch at the walls to get out. you see. and naturally with all the new wallpapering going up dh is NOT happy at this.  and wants to get a cat flap installed. so they can go out when they want.
I am not keen on this. I don't know quite why. I just know I'm not.
And after the recent experience this weekend of no.2.son SCREECHING up the stairs around 1am for HELP! THERE'S A RAT AND ITS ALIVE !! in the room after he inadvertantly let Lilly IN with one in her mouth without noticing .. until she dropped it! and started squeaking.  or it might have been the rat squeaking. we don't know, all we know is no.2.son WAS squarking! followed, 5mins later, by dh SQUEAKING ..
Where was I? well I was doing what no.1.son in his room was also doing - shutting OUR doors firmly and returning to bed to hide beneath the duvets to blot out the noise from downstairs ..
About half an hour later dh trudged UP the stairs and collapsed on the bed.  too weak and faint feeling he said to get INTO the bed and promptly started SNORING.  which was annoying. on account of up to then I'd managed to feel like sleeping.
The cat it appears had brought in a rat - dropped it and fled (no doubt upon hearing no.2.son SHRIEK!?) and it was ages before she could be persuaded to find and take OUT the rat which by then was hiding behind the radiator ..
hence another reason for my reluctance to get a cat flap! think have managed to persuade dh against the idea as frankly whats a few claw marks down posh-wallpaper compared to 300 rats galloping up the stairs to rip out our throats in the middle of night .. ?  that. I think did it.  completely terrified she HAD brought in 300 rats unseen by no.2.son dh overcame his faint feeling and found HE couldn't sleep and thus didn't snore ..
Which is why, I think, he struggled the following day with installing the curtain pole!  tired and stressed about having his throat ripped out ..
He managed to get it in position and now we can completely frighten ourselves silly with the cost of having new curtains made.
Why? I hear you ask, am I not making them myself?
Well for one very good reason: I don't DO curtains! ever! well obviously I have, in the past, made one or two pairs but I've not enjoyed the experience terribly and not as it were ever FINISHED a pair - typically our house being somewhat old and not quite straight I have hung curtains with the intention of hemming them "later".  we all know what "later" means: never.  yes?
Plus, I want a more tailored look and a triple pinch pleat heading which means MATHS!
An initial quote means it may be curtains to plans for an end of summer weekend break BUT as I said to dh, we've waited YEARS for this to be done and I'd rather we invested our money in getting a nice room and boring as it sounds, I'd PREFER a pair of posh curtains to a weekend break ..

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marysews said...

I don't like making fancy curtains, but I've made a lot of plain ones recently. I agree that pinch-pleated drapes can be made by Someone Else!