Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Stuck in the Kitchen!

I've spent the last day and a half stuck in the kitchen batch cooking and baking - my brother is now HOME and recovering well with increased mobility but is still hampered by his left broken shoulder, and right broken hand!  This afternoon we will take round half a freezer full of various stews, curries, pies, sponges and cakes!   Both my lads helped me with the shopping as although I could do it by myself, I knew I would struggle without help.  One thing becoming unwell has done, has made me appreciate the periods OF "wellness" and not to be afraid to ASK for HELP.  My brother didn't, in fact ASK for help! but we judged that he needed it and so he's got it!  Its not easy, is it, to ask? and likewise its not always easy to (know whether to) offer, either?

Since being at home I have come to spend rather more time in the kitchen - I've always homecooked/baked but now that I have the time I find I am enjoying it rather more and have become quite good at it!  One of our "new" initiatives is to cut back on grocery expenditure and since the beginning of the year both dh and I have become quite expert - and ruthless in some aspects! - the jumble sale of old "dig in!" training from early years came in handy for real BARGAIN grabbing!! and we've saved a FORTUNE through careful purchases at the supermarket mixed with some "local" shopping.

best BARGAIN purchase has to go to DH! twice now he has come home from work bearing choc goodies such as these boxes of Thorntons continental chocs for the silly price of £1! hurrah! and at that price, you simply cannot say no!?   

You need TIME to do it properly, and preferably a car too.  Since dh went part time (ok, he dropped 1 day!) (but he also dropped a significant chunk of his salary too!) we've managed to make ends meet and produce nice family meals and treats too!  Current family faves include cheese and bacon quiche, fruited scones (use the fresh cream for both recipes!) sponge puddings, ginger biscuits, and a nice mince'n'onion pie!  The "old" cookery books are best! although I do use my Jamie Oliver book quite a lot! but all time fave is Delia! and this in particular.

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