Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A bit of home baking

Chocolate Sponge

Cream filled fruit scones

Victoria Sponge

Apple Pie
This year there has been a lot more baking - in the past I used to bake routinely but this slowed to a stop and its been a nice change to go back and rediscover some old favourites - Victoria Sponge cake - at the same time exploring new variations and trying different recipes.
My particular favourites are the scones, rock cakes and fruit crumbles, pies & bread pudding!
My family have their favourites too - dh and no.2.son and one of my brothers prefer chocolate based cakes & puddings, no.1.son plain and I like fruited ones.  Generally we ALL like the fabulous ginger biscuits and basically stuf I bake gets eaten pretty quickly by one or other if not all of us!
My husband had plans for his "retirement" which hinted at an interest in the kitchen, but these are on hold as he has returned after a short "retirement" (2weeks, 3days) to work 4days per week.
When you've the time to do it properly and enjoy the process it is satisfying and as well as providing the family with yumminess happily home cooking and baking is very CHEAP too! hurrah!
Some of the classics we're enjoying at the moment include cheese and bacon quiche, toad-in-hole, mince & onion pie and a lovely spicy chicken curry from here.

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