Monday, 18 May 2015

The shawls


OFF the needles almost as soon as it went on them is the lively Fantoosh! By Kate Davies which is a shame because I was desperate to knit this and had the perfect yarn for it!  Essentially I could not get the pattern to work and it was stressing me too much even with the help of a kind knitalong friend there was no way it was working!
Instead! ON the needles is a lovely hitchhiker. I've wanted to knit one for ages and my two friends are also knitting one so I couldn't say no!
I'm still knitting socks - they are going well. I am still knitting Dune - also going well.
Elsewhere in the family, our no.1.son has his first exam today and no.2.son has his next week - we wish them both well.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Stash Diving

Well it's been a busy week this week on the knitting front and none more so than yesterday when two of my knit night pals and I went to see the marvellous Woman in Gold and following a lovely lunch we enjoyed the film very much.
We then went back to our friend's house and did some stash diving and bought several skeins of scrummy yarns each!  You can see what I bought below.