Friday, 30 November 2012

Lovely Scrummy Yummy Yarn!


Fyberspates Laceweight in bright gold!
 I think I am a bit addicted to online purchasing!  Having had a rush of offers, deals and discounts I now find I have classes to download! and yarn and patterns coming at me from the postman at all angles!

The Knitting Goddess hand dyed laceweight cashmere

With a discount of 20% I couldn't resist purchasing this lovely pair of semi solid silver laceweight handyed cashmere from The Knitting Goddess - I am embarrassed to admit I couldn't get the discount to apply and had to ask for HELP!? lol!  Luckily the lovely Joy sorted it for me and after some dithering about whether one or two skeins would do, I ended up with two!  plenty of yardage there, then, for just about any pattern!?

I bought a fun book! too!  its a bit of nonsense really but fun and gave me a chance to test out downloading direct to my kindle ..

Also off the needles this week a lovely snowman jumper!  its a sirdar leaflet 2375

Quick to knit this is the smallest size and was quite fun to knit too but I'm glad its finished although now my dh and no.2.son have got interested in "christmas jumpers" and after seeing the lovely selection from Patons free to download I have had to say a firm NO! - the thought of rushing at this short notice through two adult sized intarsia "novelty" patterns is too stressful to even think about!
I'm not even including the link! I am forbidding myself from even THINKING of casting on ..

Finally! good news I think .. ?  the lovely ladies over at Knit'n'caboodle have FB a status to confirm they are going to be selling a "kit" for the Series Three chevron "Killing" jumper  .. (or at least thats how I read it! gulp! well I shall have one dropping through the letterbox soon as I've pre-ordered it so I hope I did read right!)

COLD! here it looks like winter is well and truly on its way, we've had terrific downpours this week but, thankfully, no flooding - dh had one or two mildly scary moments with local flooding on his route to work and I found myself wading knee deep across a busy main road but aside from that its now pretty much settled into dry but COLD ..  time to get the winter woollies out?  I'm still knitting Merrion and hoping to finish second front this weekend and concentrate on the sleeves and finishing!

My 5-in-1 glove adventure continues .. I've managed to rearrange both thumbs and three fingers now, and these are progressing nicely - this is a Craftsy class that I am enjoying hugely as I am a big fan of glove/mitt knitting this is perfecting my technique of knitting in the round and I plan several more ..

Weight watching wise, I am happy to report a loss of 8lbs as I head into week 4 and dh is similarly losing weight too so we are both happy and I am enjoying the online aspect and glad I chose this option rather than the traditional attend a group/class.  I am fully embracing my online life and find it really useful - even no.2.son is asking what we've got for "dinner" now!

In a couple of weeks time our elder son breaks up for the Christmas holiday and we can collect him from his uni digs and start feeding/fattening him up!  In his second year now he is thoroughly enjoying his studies and its lovely to see how he is blossoming into a lovely confident and funny young man - I think its doing him good to be independant!
Our second son is lining up Uni's for next/this year - I am not even thinking about how quiet the house will be when he goes ..

Monday, 19 November 2012

A few goodies from The Knitting Goddess

I simply couldn't resist placing an order with The Knitting Goddess last Friday - Joy had included a special discount for subscribers of 20% which is quite a lot and I promptly ordered some yarn and stuff and voila! as if by magic it arrived this morning!  what fun! what good service!

Joy's parcels are always beautifully packaged and a pleasure to open which is one reason for going back - the other reason is simply that her yarns have that special quality about them!  You can tell a KG yarn - a knit-pal of mine uses her yarns a lot and I decided to order a pink 4ply SparkLynne sock yarn for some future project.
Additionaly I added some little button thingies that can be clipped to hold a scarf or shawl OR clipped to a leather strap to make a bracelet - finally "never not knitting" sums me up in a badge. in a PINK badge at that ..

Feast your eyes on my goodies - MINE though ALL mine!

Packaged in purple

Lovely yarn and badge in pink
clippy things to make a bracelet

I might have said, or maybe not? dh and I have joined Weight Watchers!  part of the fun of tracking is in finding new recipes, or lower pointed replacement alternatives and I've been pleased that some of our favourite meals popular with the family are FINE to continue enjoying but one thing that is heavy is quiche! and followed by CAKE!
I worked out my regular "Hairy Bikers" recipe for rock cakes are a massive 8 each - FINE if I have just the one, but one or two over two or three days is not so fine!
Last week I discovered a blue berry muffin recipe which went down very well and at 4 points a bargain too!  This week I changed the blueberries for chopped baking chocolate and came up with choc chip muffins for 6 points! 
Even better - an alternative for the popular quiche!  its made with filo pastry and milk with extra egg and much less cheese than Delia's receipe which has double cream, a rich shortcrust pastry and LOTS of cheese - in fact the family expressed a preference for this "lighter" version so I am now keen to explore others!
This week I shall try a coriander and spinach soup recipe and some sort of chicken and sausge gumbo which sounds like it might be fun to make or eat!?

WW's quiche

WW's choc chip muffins

Friday, 16 November 2012

How lucky am I? a super box of gifts for me!

After the celebration of the completed Ravellenics earlier this year my new knit-pal - Peggy - and I decided to do a "magazine swap".  It took us a while to gather stuff as we had each decided to go for specific holiday or celebratory issues and in that time slowly added much yumminess to go with it!

I'm afraid very much that I am on to a winner here!  LOOK at all I got in my parcel which arrived in speedy time and conveniently my day off - absolutely PACKED with all things knitterly and beyond!

first though, I can show what I made (and sent) beginning with a London themed sewn project bag with yarn and a pattern and the lovely magazines The Knitter issue 50 with its "50 patterns" and Knit Now which had a lovely supplement.  Of course no parcel would be the same without a few bars of Cadbury chocolate! and a pack of Twinings tea to enjoy a cuppa while knitting!
Luckily my friend, Peggy, was thrilled but I still feel I am the luckiest ! x

SO .. TODAY I received in the post a huge parcel and look at what I received!

My parcel
contents revealed
Magazines! yay!
Bertie offers to help unwrap
Tree decorations
no harm came to tree decoration while Bertie "inspected"
chocolates! wow! hurry home no.2.son!
Malabrigo Rio and cowl pattern! yum!
And deliciously dark plum Cascade Heritage sock yarn!
last two boxes!
Hand wash soap! I love it! smells vanilla-ry!

and a scented candle already positioned
The full parcel revealed - ta-daa! how lucky am I?

My Christmas is complete! a lovely handmade card too x
The box doesn't go to waste either!  Bertie initially claimed it as his - the poor cats have had to wait for their biscuits to be topped up - far too busy opening up parcels and screeching at contents, I had the package off the Postman, signed for it and shut door with toe in undignified haste, the other toe kicked the cats aside (they always want to investigate parcels and love boxes!) hurrah! the swap has been FUN and I am looking forward to enjoying the magazines in full later on!

These days its too expensive to sign up for lots of these swaps, but this one came about after sharing a team place in the summer's Ravellenics and its been the most fun putting it together and of course hearing that the other person has taken safe receipt and is thrilled - I have screeched loudly my thanks and I'm pleased that we undertook it it rounds off the year just nicely!
NOW to choose which yarn to knit first!!

Christmas has come early for me! I hope everyone else is as lucky as I am now on the day ..

Monday, 5 November 2012

Knitting progress and haby bargains!

This weekend the local House of Fraser had a bargain box of goodies all marked down to clear - seems they are switching from Prym to Milward and they had lots of metal and bamboo straights for £1 a pair.
I picked up bits and pieces ranging from 0.10p to £2 and particularly pleased with the bamboo DPN's for £1 a set.

I can't remember if I shared the little earrings and stitch markers I made recently?  anyway here is another photo - sorry if its a duplication!

Nearly finished the back for Merrion and am resolved to sticking with one project in effort to get something FINISHED!  I shall return to Ice Queen as I'm knitting this in a ravelry KAL but I'm pushing to complete the back so I can feel virtuous!

The weather has turned cccolddd and I am glad of all the shawls and scarves to keep the chill at bay!

Happy knitting! and keep warm.

Friday, 2 November 2012

More Beads and a healthy warming lunch

Yesterday I had a mini lesson in general beading techniques and I came home inspired to have another go!
I have decided I am not particularly interested in making jewellery, but rather some nice stitch markers and my friend showed me how she does hers!  easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!
Inspired by how easy the technique I decided to try earrings!  lovely?

stitch markers and earrings

Maxsworld pink stud earrings
Of course there is nothing like having them professionally made!  I saw these featured in a recent knitting magazine and ordered them from here!  they arrived the next day despite my dithering and cancelling to reorder with surgical steel posts!

Healthy Lunch

 I much prefer the winter for foods and eating/baking etc and now its definitely turned wintry I am back onto home made soups for lunch, this is my particular favourite - roasted butternut squash soup with chilli - yumm!  my lunch today!

This is a seriously WARM scarf!  last night after knit night dh and I went for a drink and I was glad of wrapping up in this lovely scarf - I love it!