Sunday, 12 June 2011

First ball of yarn "Kate" shawl progress
 I'm progressing nicely with my "Kate" shawl having knit now almost the first of 8 balls of the lovely Rowan Felted Tweed yarn from stash and the pattern is starting to looking promising!
My knit-pal-Sally and I are becoming shawl knitaholics having both been bitten by the shawl bug over on Ravelry and after seeing another knit-pal wearing the most beautiful shawlette edged with beads draped artfully about her throat AND a few hints from the lovely Claire over here on HOW NOT to wear them - NOT old-granny-style half way down the back and NOT looking like have a broomstick to hand witch-style but trendily and casually "about" the neck and throat which seems to involve some artful tucking and placement we were BOTH sold on the idea and you can expect to find me draped IN shawls and lace weights wrapped bandage style from head to toe in the coming months .. 

Quick KSH Scarf
I needed something quick.  Easy to knit.  Small and portable.  pick up, knit and chat and put down to drink coffee .. THIS is currently OTN: a little bit of KSH yumminess which will drape about my neck in a lovely shade of hot pink which isn't, unfortunately, reflected well in the photo above! sorry! Did try various things on the edit pics but this is the best I could do! it IS a lovely hot pink, unfortunately in my haste to get it OTN's I discarded the ballband and can't even refer you to the shade no! sorry!
A super bargain - half price from somewhere just an odd ball enough for a small scarf the pattern I got out of a library book and jotted down for a future occasion!  The occasion being yesterdays KIP was perfect for this!  22st and size 6mm needles a dead easy pattern comprising 10rows garter st, and one eyelet row, knit until you run out of yarn OR become bored .. zzz

Pin and Beads
KnitPro cables

After the KIP event Sally and I headed off to here where we spent a lovely time chatting with Claire (sorry if its Clare! I ought to have checked and I ought to have asked for Rav.Id too!) who was very patient with two dithery-knitters fondling EVERY yarn and coming out emptyhanded!
to be honest I only wanted to get the cables for my KnitPro needles as seen above in various lengths to complement the set I am beginning.  Portree is currently "resting" on one but its a little too long at 80cm for comfortable knitting in the round and one just NEEDS the others!? the 100cm will be perfect for socks and mitts 2AAT for a start and as for the 40cm? well who knows and who cares I bought it anyway!
TEMPTED with the delicious pink Jitterbug in the window knitted as a sock sample - what can I say? its PINK ha! and its JITTERBUG! yay! might go back OR take advantage of their free 2nd class delivery and get them to fling it through the letterbox ..  I wanted and intended to buy a pair of KnitPros for the Arielle project I plan to CO this week, however we decided between us that a metal needle would be better suited as the bamboo MIGHT be too flimsy at such a tiny mm's. 
Had I known - or rather had I realised - it was knit in the tiny 2.75mm I might NOT have set my heart on this project .. but its too late now! I wants it and I'm prepared to spend ages knitting like a snail to get it!!  I have to hope now to find a pair of tiny mm's in my Grandmas knitting roll!

Sally was wearing a lovely little kilt pin with beads and stuff hanging to fasten her jacket and we both bought one that has the little loops from which to hang PROPERLY little beads and charms from here and I bought 4 tiny dice beads to make stitch markers!  About half way down is a tutorial on how to do it, if anyone has any other suggestions or links, please DO share!!? thanks.

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