Wednesday, 15 April 2009

"Amaya" - newest knitty project OTN's

Sometime last year I had a terrific bargain of some 12 balls of Rowan Bamboo Tape, shade 703/Chalk, now discontinued, for practically a few ££'s only! in a fabulous buy it now its got to GO sale.
I wouldn't have purchased this at full price having been slightly disappointed in my previous project using Sirdar's Just Bamboo but couldn't resist a bargain which included the book "The Bamboo Tape Collection" at less than half price as well, and I started a project in the summer while on holiday which has been ripped off the needles and this time I am knitting "Amaya" by Marie Wallin instead!

I've actually knit up to and started on the back shaping for armholes (big needles! yay!) and did have a few doubts as to sizing and nearly ripped it back to start again but double checking my stitch count I am hoping my measurements are ok as my tension is spot on using size 5.5mm needles.

After my previous experience with a bamboo project which ended up very oversized I was careful to swatch in sizes 4.5mm and 5.5mm needles and I promise I did flatten and pin the squares before measuring my stitch and row counts!!

I've paid a bit for the knitting with a rather painful shoulder this week but I am resolved to ignore the pain and knit-on regardless since it doesn't seem to matter what I do - I get the pain anyway!!
I did mention it to the PT'ist who didn't seem terribly interested (beyond : well don't knit then! - cough ..) And I may well give in and agree to have another injection next week when I visit the GP to frighten him further with updates on both my shoulder and my stomach issues.

The socks are coming along nicely on my rather cheap and nasty circulars, two more hospital appointments in the coming weeks ought to see them nearing completion and I will definitely buy myself some decent needles for future sock projects!

"Martha" is finished

"Martha" is finished! just before the Easter weekend and I wore this out about twice with a tee shirt and a cami and trousers. I'm pleased with this cardigan, the only amendment I made was to add 2" to the cap sleeves which suits me rather better I think!
I would knit this again and would definitely knit with the felted tweed again too!
super pattern, super to knit and super cardigan!

Some sewing! (sort of) customising tees!

I need to take some more photo's really but losing the momentum slightly! Above is one of the t.shirts I decided to customise just before sewing 3xhooks'n'eyes to fasten at the front "cardigan style".

Here you can see that applying the trim to the centre fronts just didn't really do anything to enhance this tee shirt.

Two tee shirts bought in dh's works sample sale for .50p each, 2 sizes too large and an unsuitable for my shape neckline, I was going to just take to charity shop but after feeling inspired to have a go at customising them after reading an article in Sewing World magazine (my last copy as a subscriber!) I've managed to make them slightly more wearable.
I've sewn mini darts in the 2nd, and will take pics and upload (maybe!) ..

Happy Easter (family/trips out)

Hope everyone enjoyed Easter! with the long weekend looking like a good opportunity for some family days out we decided to visit Ironbridge on Good Friday intending to eat at a super pub we'd found last year, however the weather was terrible and as I was the only one to take an umbrella we decided to head home to change first before eating out locally.
I suppose we're lucky (?) that our lads still will agree to come out with us although there was a fair bit of muttering, in particular from no.2.son.13yrs (above, "helping" me down a particularly steep and muddy path. I say "help". he did tug at my arm at one point and I thought I was going to break into a trot!)

DH and no.2.son.16yrs (below) mumbled a bit about it but generally put on a show of enjoying themselves although they did sprint ahead when it started pouring and headed for the car leaving us well behind.

My brother, David, came round to show off his newest bike! all rather posh and very orange! Has traded his previous bike and headed off to visit his brother in Wales for the Easter weekend.

We headed for Warwick on Bank Holiday Monday before sinking a fair few G+T's in local pub later that evening to round the whole weekend off. Another week and the lads return to school - back to normal! hurrah!