Monday, 13 June 2011

Steamed Treacle Sponge

The weather has been appalling! hasn't it? so cold at night had it not been for the fact the radiator is off the wall for painting in our lounge, I'd have put the central heating ON! in June!
I'm currently waiting for it to warm/brighten up outside sufficiently to put a washing load of woollies IN which is so wrong on all accounts - although on the positive side, for knitters its somewhat a more pleasant experience knitting in "the cold" compared to full sunshine and heat of a "normal" summer?
I've forgotten what "normal" is! To be honest, I've come to feel there is NO such thing as "normal" - but lets not get me started on health matters! I fear am about to go off on one again ... ha!
Skip the next bit and head down to the comforting recipe of a good old fashioned "steamed" treacle sponge and ignore me while I rant a while about ongoing battles to get my conditions sorted and the Dr's to co-operate:
For several WEEKS now I have been attempting to chivy my Gastro-Cons - or rather my "ex-Gastro-Cons!" on account of he's sacked himself from the job and left ME still in the same position as I was some YEARS ago but in addition to continuing digestive problems, I now have a headache.  Leaving that aside, as my Neuro-Cons. is looking into that with a series of tests for "epilepsy" which is his latest rather desperate in my opinion, thinking ..
SO why I am ranting?
I am ranting because the Gastro-Cons PROMISED to write to the Cardio-Cons. his professional opinion on my chest pain  and dump the responsibility for resolving it to him .. and he hasn't.  Now. I know why he hasn't.  He hasn't because frankly he's SCARED of the Cardio-Cons.  Every one is.  Apparently.  I had one Dr confidently state that the Cardio-Cons is the single most SCARIEST Cons. in the entire Hospital.  He scares, I'm told, other senior Cons. too.  I'm sure he does.  but thats not MY problem?  How they deal with scary-Cons. is not my problem other than it IS when no one approaches him to contradict him ..
Well its a bit boring and tedious but essentially I have waited 7 weeks now for confirmation such correspondance has been passed and each enquiry to Gastro-Cons-Sec sounds more and more like a fob-off .. FINALLY - after 7 tedious weeks of waiting and pestering - I've received a copy of letter to GP.  Which is one line stating I am "normal".  according to tests.  hmm. well, I'm glad to hear it! I'm happy to know this! I wants to be "normal"! but what about my PAIN? bah.
The secretary sounded slightly strained as she assured me that THIS was a "first" "quick" letter, and that there IS a further letter in the pipeline which will expand a little and mention - she hopes - the diagnosis of IBS .. but to be honest I could almost feel her crossing her fingers and everything else as she lied through her teeth to cover for the Dr .. we shall see.  I shall wait.  TWO more weeks. And then I shall write.  I am good at writing.  Letters of complaint.  For one simple reason: I note everything.  I cannot rely on my memory so I have to write it down.  and as an ex.sec myself from some 20+yrs ago, I am good at keeping notes and records including dates and NAMES.  yes. I shall write and THEN we'll see how quick the promised correspondence gets done ..?

I'm glad to get that off my chest!

Steamed Treacle Sponge
175g/6oz self-raising flour
75g/30z softened butter
50g/2oz caster sugar
1 egg, pinch of salt and about 90ml/6tbsp fresh milk

Grease a 1.1litre/2pint pudding basin and spoon the flavouring of choice in the bottom - I used golden syrup - you could use treacle alternatively you could add 45ml/3tbspn cocoa sifted with the flour and/or stir 25g/1oz choc. chips to make a chocolate version which I can confirm is very yummy indeed particularly if you melt chocolate for the topping!

Mix together the flour, salt and softened butter and sugar.  Make a well and add the egg and enough milk to give a soft dropping consistency and pour into the basin.

Cover with pleated foil (or greaseproof paper) tie with string and steam for 1.5-2hrs. 

Loosen slightly and turn out onto a plate and enjoy with hot custard or icecream .. yum ..

This is a firm family favourite  and very quick and easy to make you just leave it to steam while sitting and knitting and better still the joint of meat roasts along side finishing conveniently for you to "rest" the meat and steam the fresh vegetables while you turn out and cool the pudding!


Kim B said...

Can I just say that this looks YUMMY?

SewIknit2 said...

you certainly CAN Kim! and you would be RIGHT too! but remember? I don't do "share" terribly well! lol xx