Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fresh Strawberries from the garden

Fresh from Garden
FRESH from the garden just minutes ago!  fresh strawberries and raspberries picked from our plants that have seen us enjoy some lovely fruits throughout the past few years we don't get a huge amount but enough for us four!
We'll eat these later with some raspberry ripple icecream - can't beat it on a hot summer's evening!
Sadly we've run out of GIN so can't finish the experience with a cooling G+T but you can't have everything!
I'd like to do a bit more in the garden - I'd like to start an interest in plants and vegetables and herbs - if my LateMother were alive she'd be able to help! and advise! (and come to think of it, like as not she'd DO something to set it up and probably finish it too!! she was a very keen and passionate gardener).

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