Friday, 30 January 2009

Chomping on yarn ("Martha")

Chomping away at felted tweed, the current project OTN's has now reached the interesting part of the back section - the cabley bit! yayy!!
Managed to finish the st st tedious part last night and as I ran out of ball no.1 I had a late night attack of the "what if I run out of yarn?" This morning I am much calmer.
I checked my tension on two needle sizes prior to starting this project (neither were spot on! but the 3.75mm were closest) and I am trusting that I will have sufficient.

This morning I am off for another session of PT and to pick up my letter requesting an X.ray - slightly annoyed that the GP requested an appt on 8th Jan only for it to be returned as apparently an appt request isn't necessary, I can just walk in! (I could have just walked in ON the 9th! grrr!). I just want my shoulder resolved! And if there is anything other than this frozen shoulder, I want to know!

Need to pop along to library today, two of the books I reserved have arrived and I've finished The Kite Runner and notice that that is requested by another library for a reservation.
Almost caught up with my magazine reading! Decided I love the cream cable turtleneck jumper on the front cover of The Knitter! blast. thats all I need! a distraction!

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Plain Sock on Circulars

I'm just loving this!!
Now I've got the hang of it I really am enjoying knitting this sock - its just so QUICK! and EASY!
I'm almost at the toe section and pleased I forced myself to try this method of knitting socks and might feel inclined, now I've had some success, to try the 2xsocks 2xcircs next! eeek!!

I must MUST buy, however, some decent circular needles! These are just cheapie ones bought from the local market - £0.89p a pair! and the join on one is okay but rather terrible on the 2nd and it didn't help that I put a huge blog of nailvarnish on the badly joined pair to distinguish but I wasn't sure whether I'd take to this method and as none of the LYS actually sell sock sized circulars, it will have to be an online purchase, I think!

My other sock is still on the go, I still have some doubts about the size etc, but am hoping it will be okay in the end!


I'm afraid I pulled off the Lacy Top and ripped it right back and discarded it on Monday!
I was just so annoyed that somehow I'd managed to lose 11 stitches!
Mind, I am pleased that I decided to do a stitch count before starting the lace section, I'd have been really cross had I discovered my error while trying to DO the lace section!
Tried for an hour to find and correct it but even going right down to almost the start (REALLY painful and tedious given the nature of the KSS yarn!) I couldn't and decided its far too risky knitting this pale yarn on light pins in the poor light and its OFFICIALLY OFF THE NEEDLES!

OTN's in place IS:
Martha from Rowan Studio 2 - yay! in Rowan Felted Tweed, shade 141 - discontinued and purchased half price 6xballs originally intended for a bag pattern I saw in a knitting magazine!
When I saw Martha knitted up ages ago in the Creative Textiles class I used to attend, I decided I must remember this!!
Took me a while to decide what to knit, I didn't want anything too big and bulky as I'm still struggling with my well frozen shoulder which has been hurting me now since beg. Sept '08 and I'm hoping this will be do-able!

I started it Monday and I've reached the mid section on back after the decreases and it seems to be knitting up okay, I just keep taking a break and switching to the socks if my shoulder aches too much.

Not sure about the colour.
Typical "me" its grey, I know! but in the daylight its a blue grey! - honestly! - it DOES have a flicker of "colour" in it! and while it wouldn't be my first choice for this garment, I think it will be wearable!
Thanks Maer! for the Kreativ Blogger (Award).
I don't feel terribly creative at the moment, but I do have my moments! and I'm hoping to expand once I feel better physically. SEW draining this constant aches and pains. but enough of that! I'm still THINKING creatively at least!!

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In no particular order, the 7 bloggers I nominate are:

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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Progress (lacy top)

Really getting the hang of knitting this in the non-light of the evening!
Fair bit done today, all the decreases, just straight now to the lace bit at the top on the back.
Light as anything in the hands, but still causing shoulder some grief, I've just grit my teeth and ploughed on regardless, I have, afterall, got TWO shoulders!?

New Knitty Project! Rowan Studio 12 Lacy Top

My newest project! Cast on tonight! I purchased 5 balls of Rowan kidsilk spray, shade 572 (rather uninspiring beige!) for £1 each last year and had it stashed while awaiting a suitable pattern! I've seen a few, actually, but decided in the end on the Lacy Top from Studio 12.
Cast on this evening and had to rip it after going wrong, have decided it was the pattern that was wrong and if I were more confident in my maths, I'd say it was DEFINITELY wrong, but more than likely its just me! ho-hum! two goes and I managed to fudge it!
The whole thing got flung aside at one point! this yarn is SEW damn hard to knit! and in the half light of evening even with a daylight lamp, it was tricky to get started!
I chose it as I thought it would be a light project for my still frozen shoulder and I'm fed up, frankly, with socks and gloves! and wanted a proper knitty knit to KNIT!
I'm suffering now. (hence I'm here blogging, and not in bed reading!) my shoulder ACHES! ouch! but I've finished the first section including the first decrease and its now easy-peasy knitting until I get to the next bit!
The pattern takes 4 balls, I may have enough for a scarf too! we'll see!
Bertie created a bit of panic after he got a bit excited when he got his teeth and claws into the KSS and must have liked the feel of it! I managed to chase him off and will have to remember to NOT leave this project out on the side overnight!
Mostly my knitting is safe(ish!) but some yarns are apparently irresistable to cats!

This morning I went for another PT session.
The PT advised that frozen shoulder can take 3yrs to settle.
Asked me if I wanted to continue with PT.
Said that though there isn't any guarantee, it CAN (sometimes!) (if one is lucky?) shorten the span of pain/immobility and what did I want to do?
I grumbled a bit and muttered that I wasn't going to just stop after not actually, apparently, getting any benefit thus far, and opted to continue.
HE mumbled (and might have grumbled too) a bit. And suggested I do some more advanced moves. Took, I thought, a little bit of delight in having me force my arm into peculiar and painful positions that I nearly accused him of making up, and sent me home with a sheet of more exercises to attempt!

Picked up a copy of Yarn Forward for my pal Ann who I was visiting and had a thoroughly brilliant afternoon just catching up and putting my world to rights and generally sorting me out!
I don't confide, often, but Ann is a terrific and long time pal whom I trust and I felt much better and very nearly left her a cheque AND a tip!! Freezing cold and much later on, she dropped me home which I was grateful for and I spent the evening KNITTING!!

I'm paying for it now! My shoulder is aching like mad! but I've decided its apparently going to, regardless of what I do, so I might as well do what I want to do and put up with it!

Have a terrific weekend!

Friday, 23 January 2009

and now I've turned a CORNER! yay!

yay! not only have I turned a heel using two circulars, I've also turned a corner! the corner being one of understanding what I'm DOING!
Picked up stitches and started the decreasing on my blue sock to get into the idea of what it is I'm SUPPOSED to be doing, then I picked up the circular sock and just went for it! it worked! I found out via a terribly good website that the stitches are redistributed sideways for the rest of the sock and it meant that I had to hunt around to find my stitch markers (which, of course, I couldn't find! and had to use great bit clumpty plastic things that came free with a mag I suspect!) but .. I did it! yay!! All the decreases are worked and this makes it an easy-peasy knit for now for me to take along to my PT appointment!

I've got some concerns about my blue sock.
Basically I think I need the next size up in needle!
I should really rip it out and start again, but I can't face it, so I'm ignoring the obvious and carrying on hoping that the nagging doubts will be quashed and it'll be alright.
You have permission to say : told you SEW!

Sorted my needles and yarn for the KSH project but didn't cast on in the end last night, I was tired by the time I'd finished with the socks and didn't fancy wrestling with the KSH and counting st's in the night light. If I get chance today I'll do so, and update Ravelry too.

Poor no.1.son has been picked to take part in a sports/football session by local football club at his school today instead of normal lessons (they get credits for good work/behaviour etc and depending on the total they get to do "something" nice) and its RAINING! absolutely tipping it down!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

yay! I've turned the heels!

In a way I AM knitting two socks! at nearly the same time!
I managed to gather myself sufficiently to give it a go on the circulars and found it was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy after all! I don't know what I was fussing about! (mind. I am panicking, slightly, at the picking up/gussett bit that comes next!).
As I didn't want to abandon completely my original blue sock on DPN's as I really do enjoy knitting this pattern, I decided to work them both at similar stages to give me confidence that I do know what to do next.
Much as I'm enjoying the sock knitting I'm getting a bit bored with it, I want to knit something to wear!
I looked through my Rowan studio 12 book and have a fancy for the lacy top on page 28. It only takes 4 balls of KSH and - hurrah! I bought 5 for £1/each! (shrieks!! at the bargain of it all!) in a rather dull shade of beigeness, really, ah well but for a fiver its worth it!
That ought to be light in my hands and kind to my shoulder?
I'm really finding the weight of the woollen all in one sideways jacket just too much beyond a couple of rows and much as I pledged to not cast on another garment until this is FINALLY finished, I think I'll let myself off this promise.
Worried. slightly. about how I'll cope with the lace decreasing/keeping to pattern bit at the top. I had a bad experience with another lace cardigan but as LACE was/is on my list of things I want to knit (along with cables! and beads! and felting!) I think I could rise to the challenge.
You can see the pattern here. I do quite fancy the bow and sweetheart cardigans, but decided to go for something a little different other than just plain st st.

Yesterday we took our no.1.son for his interview for the 2nd of the 6th form colleges he is considering for after his GCSE's and were quite impressed by the teacher who gave some very good sound advice. He has to wait for his results before deciding on the courses - in particular his maths result.

Tomorrow I'm off for another (painful!) visit to PT and after I'm going to my sewing-pal-Ann's house for a coffee and enormous catch up! We've not met up in months and I'm going to take along my socks to show off, I mean show her! I'm looking forward to seeing her and hoping she's better after the nasty bout of flu she came home from her trips to Australia with which has knocked her off her feet.

Today it is pouring with rain! Roll on spring! I'm tired of this year already!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Yay! I can nearly do it!

I had a fancy to learn to knit two socks on two circulars!
Ages ago I downloaded Terry Ross's comprehensive instructions and printed the pdf and then went all chicken and abandoned the idea!
THEN I decided to go for it!
I bought two pairs of rather cheap circulars from a local shop and purchased another ball of Regia Silk Color as I already had 3/4's leftover from a previous pair of socks and CAST ON!
And ripped out! and at one point I admit to taking my scissors to it and CUTTING it out!
I could NOT get it!
The wriggly cables made it worse and I ended up with a pair of twisted back to front sets of cast on stitches that apparently didn't form an orderly queue to be knitted in sequence while, meanwhile, the two balls of yarn behaved like naughty kittens and tangled so much I had to take the scissors to them too!
I nearly gave up!
Then I found some video's and links and found the confidence to have another go, this time just ONE sock! baby steps! one at a time! I need someone to hold my hand, preferably! but I think I've got it, least for the st st leg section.
I'm trying NOT to think about how I'd work the heel flap and pick up the gussett - I'm wondering whether to just knit a tube and feel PLEASED with myself instead!

I do. however. feel ridiculously pleased with myself!

Today is dh's birthday! He's gone to work but when he returns home we are going out for a meal at the local to celebrate. No.2.son baked him a super freshcream filled Victoria sponge - yummy!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

A quick Catch up!

A very belated Happy New Year wish!
Can't quite believe another year! already? so soon!
My shoulder and stomach issues continue to plague me and I'm starting to get used to feeling ill and hurting but managing to work around this on the basis I still feel ill AND hurt whether I do anything or not!
Obviously I'm limited by my shoulder to what I do, but I'm finding little and often with breaks for rests inbetween work well enough!
I've had the endoscopy test now (THAT was something else! seriously NOT that pleasant but not that bad, really, and two days later aside from a still sore throat, I've practically forgotten all about it!) and just need to wait to see the Dr who will, hopefully, decide how best to sort me out!
Still going to PT and apart from another flare up of pain and having to abandon the 2nd set of rather more painful exercises he'd set me, I've managed to keep up the required sets of repeats inbetween appointments.
Next week another visit to GP and PT.
DH celebrates his birthday tomorrow! yay! cake! we get cake! no.2.son has baked him a victoria sponge and we shall go out for a meal to celebrate. He will be 63.
No.1.son has had excellent results from his mock GCSE's which looks like he's on course to do well this year and we've been taking him for his interviews at the local 6th form colleges, we are waiting now for letters back.
No.2.son had a terrific school report for 2008 and shortly he will be choosing his options for GCSE which he'll commence next year.
I can't believe the lads are growing up! and so fast! no.1.son turns 16yrs beg. of March! he and a couple of school pals are going to see Snow Patrol - their first concert! (he wouldn't let "us" take him! pity, wouldn't have minded going myself! although dh and I are on lift duty!)

Sewing and Knitting Projects ongoing

Currently OTN's is another pair of socks, using Regia Stretch Color in a lightly varigated shade of blue I cast on in a hurry last Thursday in anticipation of a hospital appointment the following morning. Glad I did! with five pieces of equipment failing, we had a 3.5hr waiting time plus we'd arrived some 20mins early in the first place! Nearly 4hrs added time meant I got quite a bit of this pattern underway (and was I thirsty too!! having gone without anything to eat or drink since 7am as per instructions).

The Pattern comes from the set of 5 free socks offered by Knitting Daily, and this is Ann Budd's "Seduction Socks". Close up shows a lovely pattern over 8 rounds where only 1 and 5 differ and is easy to memorise.
Mostly I knit without bother but did go wrong a couple of times, largely due to interruptions by other (bored) (and equally thirsty/hungry!) patients who either wanted to know what I was DOING or tell me about the knitting they've not actually done this side of 25yrs .. and did people really knit, STILL?

Another bra, using the usual Kwik Sew pattern, I used lilac powernet overlaid with lace and lace only upper cups. I'm starting to run out of co-ordinating notions and need to start planning ahead in anticipation of Michelle being at the Sewing for Pleasure show again this spring for more supplies!

Finally! another pair of gloves! this used up the last two remaining balls of Rowan Baby Alpaca that I'd left from previous project, Viv, and I shortened some of the fingers for a snugger fit using the same pattern as before from the Noro Mini Designs book which I still love!

I'd like to try some mittens next! and have seen some super examples around the blogs which have inspired me to try.

More Reading Material

Like the bus, they all arrived together!!
My subscription copies of Threads and Sewing World and I bought a copy of the new magazine, The Knitter, and picked up latest copy of Yarn Forward all on the same day!
(and I've not really read any of them properly! yet! I just look at them and screech a bit!)
I've decided that when my subscription for Sewing World ends this March, I shan't be renewing it, I'll still make an occasional purchase but I've decided to continue with another year for Threads. I find Threads a more informative and useful magazine and I'm thoroughly fed up and bored with SW this last year or so!
I doubt very much that I will take up a subscription to The Knitter, although its a super and glossy "superior" magazine, its a bit pricey and I'll want to see if there is a bit more meat to sink my teeth into by way of more articles to READ before I decide! I will, however, buy issue two as it looks like it will be interesting! (colour work!) There are a few of the cable patterns in issue one that I like - plus the lace top too, but I don't generally source my patterns from magazines and I like to know there is plenty to read.
LOVING Yarn Forward! though! and a cheaper price per issue too! The patterns seem a bit more modern and of interest - I can see myself knitting from these rather more!

As well as crafty magazines, I've had books on the go too!
I finished reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and read "Breathing Lessons" before starting "Kite Runner" - I'm about half way through this book now.

My shoulder continues to give me bother and I try to relax each afternoon and read a chapter, I would love to have suggestions for books for read and have been lucky to get quite a few from our library which makes it very cheap!
Just as well as this is the longest I've been off work on the "sick" and the bank account is a bit light as you can imagine!