Sunday, 26 June 2011

Labels - samples on my embroidery machine

Bertie oversees the embroidering

My Brother PED embroidering label

Samples on my emb. machines
In my quest for personalising my hand knit and sewn items with some sort of label, I've looked at creating my own.  Last week after finding myself unlucky to secure the one remaining best chair I decided to retire to the sewing room instead and sit and play on my comfy swivel sewing chair at my MACHINES instead!
Bertie obviously agreed with me that this was far more fun than the rather boring goings on downstairs (the cats are BANNED from doing ANYTHING likely to cause them to scratch at or shed fur on ANYTHING "new" and dh is watching them very closely!) and promptly positioned himself on the table overseeing the first experiment which was to embroider a tiny wool motif and some lettering on my Brother embroidery machine which is so old now it doesn't even show up on the Brother embroidery machine site! BUT its a really good little machine and has been such excellent value for money over the many years that both my lateMother and I have enjoyed with it.
Most of the sample labels you can see on the last photo were embroidered on this, but I did do some on my Bernina embroidery unit for comparison and while I prefered the "fancy" lettering for ease of use the Brother did better.  Not completely happy, but I am inspired and encouraged to progress looking into developing the idea of embroidering my own labels and I'd welcome any suggestions, tips, ideas or comments - please?

some "FAB" yarn
Picked up in HoF some more 25g balls of Patons Fab in bright colours suitable for another heart and more chill pills - novelty knits which I've started to enjoy and have been appreciated by others.
I resisted buying more yarn - sigh! - from the JL clearance even though they had some excellent half price Rowan yarns including Calmer and Lenpur and ASC .. I petted them all and set them back in their display stand and WALKED AWAY sharpish!!  I've still got clearance bargains from last time (and time before, and - cough - time before!?) so really I don't "need" any!  I might make an exception if I come across more Rowan milk cotton fine or dk, mind .. ;-)

I love Shaun the Sheep!
I LOVE Shaun the Sheep!  Really I'd like to knit him and I'm always on the look out for a bargain or discount offer - if anyone comes by anything please do let me know!!  There is a free pattern for a crocheted Shaun here which is good. Anyway, in local HoF haby in their current clearance I came across this! "Exercise Time!" at half price down to a fiver!  (not that I'm any good at cross stitch! but I'm going to have a go!)

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