Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A pair of Fetching mitts

Finished!  a pair of Fetching mitts ..  just the scarf to go and then I'm done with gift knitting ..

Monday, 25 November 2013

Half Way There - festive knits

I am halfway there!  I finished up the first ball of yarn in the scarf - see above - and have knitted one handwarmer - see below - and will use the remaining yarn to finish the scarf which is such a wonderfully easy pattern to knit I can watch tv, chat with family and knit all at once!

I have had this handwarmer pattern in my queue for ages and feel it would be better in a plain yarn and possibly a bigger needle but its lovely and quick to knit and dead easy!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Festive Knits to go on the needles!

popped into Christines the lys for some scarf yarn to knit a gift for no.1.son's flatmate at his request and got THIS as well!!  three balls of  Rico Design Creative Reflection at just £2.99 a ball and a lovely pattern this is my festive knit treat!

Scarf Yarn

I wanted the red Katia Azteca but they only had odd balls of it so I went for the blue and purples and just hope she likes it!!

I shall be busy now and will put all other projects on hold in project bags - I've quite a collection of them over spilling down by my sofa.
And talking of sofas - BERTIE the naughty cat has been caught out right SITTING ON THE SOFA!  sitting, to be precise, in MY side next to my knitting!  He (and Lilly) both know they are not allowed on the furniture and although Lilly tries to get away with sneaking on and shutting her eyes quick, Bertie has never shown any interest and has done a good job of indicating he has NO mind to sit on the sofa - but now we know better!!
Unfortunately for Lilly she moults so we know when she has crept on as a telltale patch of white hairs doesn't lie!  but Bertie doesn't shed cat-fur as much so he has got away with it - until now.


FINALLY another finished knit:
"Link" from the Frost book - a nice textured cowl which is very warm at the neck, this was a quick project to knit and I love it - the pattern is dead easy but looks good.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A little lace knitting

Well its been such a dreary wet day that I have stopped in and baked some rock cakes, our Christmas cake is into the 3rd hour of baking and I have ripped off Umero and CO for Sarah Hatton's multiway stole in Rowan fine lace - you can see the start of the pattern forming after just 10 rows.  Best of all each ws row is a k4, purl, k4 so only one lace row!  Easy-peasy I shall enjoy knitting this!

I shall be CO for another hat soon - I can't believe the WWMKAL has finished already!  I've worn my hat twice and appreciate its warmth as we've gone colder all of a sudden here in the Midlands and I am missing knitting it already!

Although its quite similar at least I know it will FIT and SUIT me - this is the hat next to go on the needles: Limpetiole.

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Woolly Wormhead mystery hat KAL

As you can see I have finished my hat!  I am wearing it at the moment and although its slightly on the big side it is nice and warm and there is room for all my thick hair!  The pattern was lovely and easy to follow and the knitting enjoyable, I shall enjoy wearing it and am already looking forward to casting on another hat - I am officially hat-MAD!

I made a mistake: my son's flatmate wanted a red scarf for herself! and not for "Teddy" the little bear I'd knitted by request from no.1.son so it looks like I've got to get knitting a scarf now!

I have CO for a stole using the lovely Rowan fine lace but this will be a project needing concentration - I have not knitted enough to take a meaningful photograph but this is the pattern I am using.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Baby Bear and hat progress

This week I made another baby bear for no.1.son who had requested it for part of his Christmas gift to one of his new flat mates at Uni - he wanted a red scarf and I looked high and low for a bit of red and even asked a knit-pal if I could have some of hers, before finding a left over ball of red angora haze which fit the bill perfectly!  A little bit of luxury at his neck, I hope she appreciates and enjoys him!

This week I got on with the WWMKAL hat which is half way through and I have done with the second clue and just waiting the third and final installment due today sometime - I opted for the slouchy version and doing the non peak option.  The yarn is lovely to knit with although the dye comes off on my hands as I knit I end up "blue"!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Guernsey Triangle

What a difference it makes to block a shawl?
Now its blocked and dried completely its a much better shape and I like it!!
I wasn't really taking to it while it was in its just finished unblocked state as I feared it too small, but this blocks out exactly to the pattern measurements and is much more wearable.
All I need to do now is buy some blocking wires for a more professional "finish"?  Can you see the slightly fluting edges? where I have pinned it out to shape?  its relaxed a bit since wearing it but the edges ought really be straight.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

WW KAL and Guernsey Triangle

I finished my Guernsey Triangle and its currently blocking quietly in the sunshine - with the help of one of our two cats - ahem!  (naughty cat-Lilly she knows she's not allowed!  I caught her napping on it this morning!)
If I'm honest I'm not over keen on it.  The pattern was lovely and straightforward to knit and the yarn nice, but its too triangle and, I think, too small.  I did have plenty of yarn so could have made it larger but I wanted to finish up to start the next project and it does, afterall, measure up to the suggested small size dimensions.  never mind I expect I'll throw it round my neck at some point even if thats about all I will get it round!!

Next up the lovely Woolly Wormhead mystery KAL hat!  I am loving this yarn its SUPER to knit with and I have finished installment 1 and can't wait for next Friday to knit further!

Buckland is progressing slowly but now I've finished up a few things I ought to be able to press on with the back, I expect I'll knit some while XFactor is on tonight.