Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wallpaper Progress & knitty update

Mr Angry Pill

the patterned wallpaper

the plain wallpaper
Well the wallpaper is progressing very well despite our misfortune in finding one of the rolls of the plainer paper is apparently flawed with some sort of imprint that unrolling several lengths appears to be throughout the entire roll!  Later we plan to take it back to the shop either for replacement OR at a discount/goodwill.  At £35/roll I am certainly not accepting it for full price but it IS possible that we can cut around the flaws if we are forced to but  I shall be expecting not to "have to"!
We chose the co-ordinating paper and as it goes up on the wall we can start to appreciate just what a nice room we are going to end up with!  The new carpet is due to be fitted toward the end of the month, and hopefully furniture will arrive shortly afterwards - our next decision will be on furniture and storage ..
As part "reward" and part "retirement present" to himself, I have agreed to the purchase of a posh new large slimline tv ..
In return dh is talking of replacing my rather old and slightly dodgy exercise bike with a posh new treadmill thingie that is currently down to half price ..
(how to suggest I might actually prefer one of those embellishing/felting machines and/or stash of yummy cashmere .. ?)
This year is a big one for us celebration wise, dh reached 65yrs and nearly got to retire in Jan, followed by no.1.son in Mar 18yrs and soon no.2.son will be 16yrs and I will be .. 50 .. shhh! now! we'll keep that one quiet! FIFTY how did that happen? what happened to at least 15 of those last years??   Well its all numbers really, don't you think?
I don't get all bothered about age or excited either - in fact half the time I can't remember how old I am and once famously nearly "missed" my 40th on account of believing I was still 38yrs.
The sad part is that at 20yrs & 2weeks older, my LateMother would also have been celebrating her 70th birthday and this thought brings back happy/sad memories of our last joint-celebration of my 40th and her 60th just two short years later on the occasion of her 62nd Birthday she died.  Which always makes it awkward for "remembering" each occasion, but is, I admit, also rather convenient and I am increasingly less emotional about this coincidence with passing of times.  BUT I expect with it being my 50th and not her 70th will make me pause to reflect this August.

On the knitting side, the shawl is progressing and I've still not knit a whole ball so the yardage is looking attractive; I've been asked to knit more of the little novelty chill-pills by both of my sons and they have requested the different emotions too!  I experimented with leftover sock yarn on smaller needles and they both declare a preference for the larger palm sized version in dk!
It takes a surprisingly longer time to knit than you might think given its size and small number of stitches and if I'm honest I'm not thrilled at the prospect of commiting so much time to novelty knits BUT as I don't often get requests, I'm not refusing!
After years of trying to FORCE my handcrafts on family and finally giving up and vowing to become a totally selfish knitter, its a bit mixed to now find that my knits are in demand AND being requested!  both lads have asked for teddies, and my sil has asked for fingerless gloves ..
I shall need to start doing another review of progress and start setting some goals!

Earlier this year I set about knitting Portree from Rowan magazine 46 and planned to use the left over yarn for Baxter Mittens from the same magazine.  I have decided to put this on temporary hold for two reasons: firstly, because it is more of an autumn/winter knit and I want to knit something to wear NOWish and secondly, because I have discovered that I have a slight "problem" in keeping track and following the pattern which is one that developed soon after my stroke at the last ablation Sept, 2010 and its a bit frustrating at the moment!

Having almost complete the lovely Cloud from Rowan Calmer Collection I have resolved to making this my next priorty - I will blog and take photo's soon but my aim is to get the lovely Arielle OTN's as soon as possible from the book Misty.

buttons for Arielle

Yarn for Arielle
Having been fortunate to get both yarn and buttons at a very favourable price, I splashed out and bought the book! and have so far knitted one project but its Arielle I have my eye on!

Adore in KSH

Adore in KSH
 A bit of KSH yumminess about the neck is always good?

Perhaps I need to do a half-way review and reset my goals?

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