Saturday, 24 June 2017

Crochet blanket

My lovely crocheted blanket is speeding along nicely!  I'm using Stylecraft special dk from Christine's wool shop and the colours match my decor nicely.  Bertie, my cat, has his eye on it - I really must make him a lap quilt as he's decided after 11 yrs to suddenly become a lap cat only he's not terribly good at it!  Think claws! Ha ha.

In other news my lovely youngest son came home from his 10month trip backpacking and working around New Zealand last week!  Talk about nervy and on the edge!  I've suffered tremendously with anxiety while he's been away!  HE'S had the time if his life - mum here has become angst ridden and dependant on TABLETS ha ha!  My Drs have both been understanding and allowed me to stay on the medication which has had the effect of heightening my mood - not good when you have bipolar!
Still it's done now and he's home!  He's eating very well and hasn't appeared to suffer with jet lag that we've noticed.
Next month at bipolar support group we are covering hypo mania which is what I get so it ought to be interesting!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Happy half moon

Lots of reasons to be happy at this month, not least the gorgeous half happy moon pattern bySusan Ashcroft which I cast on recently and am much further in.  It's knitted in alternate felted tweed and kidsilkhaze both in shades of orange. I asked for opinions as I feared it may be a little too orange but all comments were positive so I'm knitting on!
Yet more reasons to be happy include two parties! One a 70th and the other a 60th so two celebrations to look forward too!
Best of all though!  My youngest son is returning home from NZ where he has spent last 10months backpacking and travelling!  I am so happy am beside myself and can't wait to give him a hug!
On the other side is the down side of anxiety.
I have been on Med for anxiety the whole time he's been away and my Drs both feel I need to come off them - yup!  You are right this is making me feel anxious!
On Wednesday our bipolar support group is covering this very topic so I'm hoping to get some tips to share on how to deal with this condition.
Finally at the opposite side of happy is a very upsetting conversation I had with one of my sons who rang to ask my opinion of a comment made to a young friend at uni newly diagnosed as bipolar that under no circumstances should she consider having children!  I'm very unhappy at this!
Now to be fair my own Dad had manic depression now known as bipolar disorder, but when I asked my Dr about chances of passing it on he was quite clear that it wasn't a definite yes or no but his opinion was no rather than yes.
I hope I've reassured the young lady and I hope she phones the numbers and gets some guidance and support.
Next time I will report on June's A year of techniques which is a cloch hat with a knitted on side and pin wheel cast on but I've not found any yarn yet for it and as I'm in a yarn diet I can't nip out to buy some!