Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting together for a family BBQ

Bertie lurks in the background hoping for something to eat! no.1.son expects something to eat!

Bertie claim HIS spot!
the table is laid and Bertie sits expectantly!

dh and no.2.son at the BBQ turning burgers & sausages

my brother manages to get his eat! and promises Bertie some food - maybe!

A fresh fruit salad with ice cream! yum!
We sit waiting to watch BGT but there's something missing?

BEER! beer? thats whats mising?
Lilly does a silly until she realises we have company!

Silly Lilly thinks she's hiding (forgets we chopped the bushes down!)

eventually finds a hiding place she thinks we can't see her watching us!

waiting for food!
I'll be quite honest I don't know what I'm doing with the uploading and placement of the photo's! so I apologise for their chaotic and random appearance!!!!  when it gets a bit quieter - next week? when lads are out doing their EXAMS I'll sit and refresh myself over how this blogging thing WORKS! ha!

We had another lovely weekend and since they forecast the weather to start to turn decided to chance having a BBQ and invited my brother round too.  As you can see from the washing line (sorry! can't blame that one on my needing to refresh on blogger! blush!) it was a good day for getting the laundry done!!  (actually I'm rather more pleased at clearing my laundry basket than I was with the BBQ! that shows how sadly domesticated I am at present!? x)
ANYWAY the whole day was great fun, we ate homemade burgers - no.2.son made and cooked these - and enjoyed some fresh fruit salad with ice-cream and "struggled" somewhat with some sort of sparkling fruited something or other that cost a fortune and was, declared my sons, the SAME as their considerably cheaper "sparkling water"! bah! and THEN as dh was caught by my brother looking longingly IN the fridge with puzzled expression who enquired "are you looking for BEER?" he replied that he supposed he MUST be .. but there isn't any!  there wasn't any because I had misunderstood and thought my brother was not drinking due to his recent motorbike accident/pain and meds etc .. seems that there was terrible misunderstanding! he wasn't drinking ORIGINALLY because he couldn't operate his hand to open anything .. you have never seen THREE adults leave their seats and RUSH to the pub so quick once he'd muttered something about "drink? beer? yes!" .. poor no.1.son had just been sent to make us a cup of tea .. and had to put teabags back and forget the boiling kettle ..

It was nice to sit in the pub for a couple of G+T's before returning to settle for the final (at last!) of BGT!  We enjoyed watching the programme (probably more down to the G+T earlier on, and my finding a bottle of RED WINE ..) and voted for Razi and Ronan and fully expected Steven to win!  We were disappointed in Les Gibson and less impressed with Michael Collings than everyone else apparently seemed to be! but we were pleased over all with the eventual winner Jai who deserved it!
Well thats enough of that!


Valeri said...

Glad you are back! Summer is here! Barbie season is upon us! Long may it last! You look as if you are having fun!

SewIknit2 said...

thanks Val! I am looking forward to a few more BBQ's too! hows married life treating you! must check out your website too, I noticed you'd updated it? we did have fun! x