Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Looking for labels to add the finishing touch

If anyone has any ideas or links for nice labels for homemade knitted and sewn items - preferably UK based - could you let me know?
I had a nice set from a knitting magazine "freebie" and I've seen occasionally some in haby shops, but typically when I wanted to get some I couldn't find any!  A recent trip to a large Dept.Store got me excited about a "reel" of printed "ribbon style" label that was, the Assistant assured me, in "a shop. somewhere." she thought.  but wasn't able to say WHERE.  I've exhausted all local sources that I can think of and this is the best I managed to find.
sets of these are pricey and not completely what I had in mind, but I bought them anyway and hope they'll come in handy.

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