Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cute Chickens

For simply ages now I've wanted to knit these cute chicks - Gordon, Jamie & Hugh by Janice Anderson in Rowan Purelife - the organic cotton kids collection book but couldn't really justify the expense for one novelty pattern!  Just as I was about to cave in and just BUY the book! though! I found through browsing Ravelry patterns that in fact it was published as a supplement with May 2010 issue of SK magazine! one that I subscribe to! and I ought to have!? but where!?
I don't know if you are like me, I like to keep absolutely everything for very nearly for ever! but every now and then I throw a wobbler and have a good sort out and get RID of stuff - usually everything!
After an hour's searching I'd just reached the point of feeling that maybe I had had it! and maybe I'd also chucked it! bah! and then I found it! slightly crumpled but I had it! hurrah!
Double hurrah's! too when I discovered that inside are a collection of mummy, daddy and baby bear that complement the tiny teddy by the same designer! ha! they have a family!? almost finished just awaiting embroidered details IS "mummy bear" claimed by no.1.son.18yrs .. PLEASED all round ..

I knit the chicks above in left over Sirdar baby bamboo yarn from the previous baby-knits and its the dingly-dangly legs with their knock-knees that I esp. like! There was a 4th one - in cream with lime detail, but I'd not knit it at the time and since I've given the denim blue chick to my no.2.brother who is recovering at home following a motorbike accident on his way to work last week!

My brother is doing well and recuperating at home but not before a somewhat confusing and stressful set of encounters with the Dr's who seemed to be unable to decide what if anything was broken!
At one point after a 2nd lot of x-rays, the Dr returned to announce that "EITHER his left OR his right .. possibly BOTH? .. or NEITHER shoulder was broken!"
hmm. I think I could have come up with that diagnosis myself without even requesting an Xray never looking LOOKING at it!
Essentially, my brother went with the Dr to the Xray and HE pointed out to the Dr the L and R .. aha! yes! and also pointed out it was the BACK of shoulder (can't remember name of bone) that IS indeed broken!
A painful RIGHT elbow/hand was declared NOT broken.  As he left the following day, the Dr chased him and announced upon reflection! the hand on right WAS broken .. As my brother FLED up the corridor (as fast as one can flee with one broken shoulder, one broken hand a torn lung and a badly bruised hip and back) he called out that NO WAY WAS HE HAVING IT PLASTERED/STRAPPED! and so he's home now! and putting up with the pain .. and I'm helping as best I can with cooking and shopping for him and his Dad ..

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