Friday, 3 June 2011

Family trip to see the "new babies"

No.1.son and baby-Arthur

No.1.son and baby-Arthur

No.1.son and baby-Maisie

I hand baby-Maisie to my no.1.son

Baby Arthur sleeps peacefully

Baby Arthur

my SIL with baby-Maisie

my SIL with baby-Maisie

my dh with baby-Arthur

My dh with baby-Arthur


Lizzie feeds her new baby-Arthur

Chuckles from Baby-Maisie

my No.2.son and baby-Arthur

not QUITE sure!?

no! its alright! he wasn't about to cry! phew!

Me holding baby-Maisie

the lovely baby-Maisie

Baby Maisie
Yesterday we went as a family to visit SIL and her family which now includes two beautiful new babies - Maisie and Arthur!  Born a few weeks apart they are both starting to look like real characters now as they head toward 11weeks and 16weeks and showing their natures too!
We managed to get smiles and chuckles from both! and happily they were "good" about being passed around the family for a hold!  We had one or two dodgy moments from Maisie who was hungry! but overall they were "happy smiley" babies which was fun for us!
The weather was gorgeous! and we had a good look around the new campsite that is in process of development at my sil and her families farming and fishery business before enjoying a welcome cold G+T outside and heading home!
Slight dodgy moment when entering with gift bag and "tiny teddy" from the pocket seemed to attract the attention of the families dog - Eddie! who very nearly managed to get it!  one thing you don't want to be doing is wrestling a toyknit out of the toothy grip of a Rottweiler!? - gulp!
It was lovely to be out as a family and meet up and we will enjoy visiting in the future to see the new babies grow up - already I'm planning "first Christmas" gifts!  Another knitting opportunity! my sil expressed a definite interest in a pair of fingerless gloves!!! hurrah! I think I shall have to sort through my stash of Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 ply!! and select some patterns!?

If the weather continues as good as it is TODAY tomorow we plan a BBQ! fingers crossed! 
Our wallpaper is ready for collection!  Tomorrow will be a busy day!
We wish no.1.son good luck for tomorrow! he is taking his first theory test/driving - 8.30am! (I would say it won't be long until he's behind the wheel and on the road! but for the small matter of the cost of INSURANCE! I had NO idea it was that expensive for a young male driver to get first ins! we better hope he gets a job!).  We're very hopeful that he has a temporary "student" job lined up for the summer and should know soon!  today he booked his preferences for student accommodation at the University - both dh and I feel we are somewhat in denial about his leaving and yesterday dh admitted he would leave a huge hole in our family/lives and was feeling somewhat upset at the prospect!
Its very difficult to let go and leave your grown up children to branch out on their own particularly in the early days and with your first especially hard I think!
But! back to babies! and thats what we've got to look forward to! hopefully! in the FUTURE we too will be hosting visits to come and admire our "grandchildren"!? x


Jan said...

Both beautiful babies Sue! Great you had such a good visit and also pleasing to see the boys not being "coy" about holding the babies too. Totally understand how you're feeling about #1 flying from the nest! It IS hard and takes a time to get used to it BUT, in saying that, I have to admit that once you get over the thing of being just "Darby and Joan" it also is another step in everyone's lives and you settle into a good place really and look forward to their visits home AND their going back to their own homes too! LOL I just can't wait until my pair are both home for Ross's 60th. Only 10 sleeps now as Kirsten said! :)

Jan xxx

SewIknit2 said...

thanks Jan for lovely comments! I bet you can't wait to see yours for the family birthday celebrations! hope it all goes well for you!
Sue xxx