Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nearly complete! the finishing touches to the lounge is near!

Bertie atop the sofa outside

Bertie trys to work out WHY?

Ahead of new carpet being laid dh and no.1.son dragged out the old and VERY BIG/HEAVY sofa into the garden and the cats do not understand WHY!
Actually the cats do not understand anything! they are totally puzzled and slightly suspicious of all that is going on in our newly redecorated lounge and Bertie was snapped trying to clambour inside the sofa after no.1.son had sliced it open to get at all the money dropped inside!  We'd said he could keep what he found which turned out to be a little shy of £8 so HE was quite happy with this!!

The carpet was fitted on Thursday and the new curtains arrived on Friday - currently they are hanging from the pole "dressed" and tied loosely to train the triple pinches while we decide how long to keep the pole!
Advice from my friend and former colleague on the furnishing make up desk revealed that there IS a formula for calculating the desired length of a pole to best suit the style of heading but it seems to involve a lot of adding up, taking away, halving and doubling .. all of which has left dh confused as HE doesn't understand the concept and isn't clear on the method and I am just really really BAD AT MATHS ..

I will take photographs once the pole is cut and the finials are on and our furniture arrives which should be within the next week - subject to unexpected delay we had requested it no sooner than 6 weeks from time of order and sheduled the carpet fitting for the week prior - but you never know, do you? there may be a delay their end.  with this in mind, we elected to keep the old armchair and currently the four of us are fighting for a turn in the (only) best seat! while the unlucky ones manage with the folding picnic portable ones!

The new posh tv is seriously FAB! and even I am coming around to seeing that it was so totally worth the money in terms of damn good picture and sound quality and it just LOOKS nice too!!
We are looking out for suitable furniture to finish the room - we toyed with the idea of a centre coffee table atop a rug? but now are leaning toward a nest of tables instead - mostly for purposes of keeping the room as clear as possible but this may chance once the new furniture is in situ.
We have completely transformed the room.
We knocked out one entire walls worth of brickwork and fireplace, shelving etc and plasterboarded it, got rid of the dated artex ceiling and plasterboarded that and added inset lights and a dimmer switch, increased the number of electrical sockets (some slightly dodgy moments of testing when dh claimed I needed to be the one to switch on .. cough .. made WORSE by the "bang" and "pop" we got when I went into the KITCHEN to turn the light on .. and fused the entire house .. dh claims to know what went wrong and duly fixed it but all I'm saying is that HE got to "test" all sockets and switches from that point on!)
The wallpaper is so worth the expense! it cost the best part of £350 for the room but when you see the effect with the striped curtains I'm sure you'll agree its worth the money and yes we've totally splashed out on this room but it is our main room and it is the decorating task to end all decorating tasks and ought, we hope, to see us both through to "the end"!!
We donated our widescreen tv to British Heart Foundation who picked it up and took it away to sell in their shop and we hope it raises some cash for the charity and at the same time gives someone a good tv experience too at a cheap price.  The furniture is too bad to donate, unfortunately, as the cats have got at it as well as being somewhat grubby and tatty its a shame as the actual furniture is very solid and was in its day rather nice but we're looking forward to a newer slimline and smaller set of 3x and 2x sofas and with this in mind we've completely reworked the room to move the tv to closer to the patio wall and all four of us agree its much better!  it does, however, mean that we need to do something with the GARDEN now!!
Photo's of the finished room when it IS finished!

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