Friday, 21 June 2013

The weather is still horrid but I've finished the SOCKS!

A pair of plain socks!  but lovely to knit with this yarn I finally finished them and can now commit to the lovely Willow Herb Rachel Coopey socks from her super new book!
Too late now to join in on her official May/June KAL for them, they were on my list of socks to knit from this book so I'll enter them for the summer of socks instead, that way I shall feel a part of the group but not shiver under stress of doing them in a week!!

I like to knit whats going on!  and this isn't the best course of action for me, I start loads of things, get caught up in the excitement of being part of it but then it all sits there in my project bags I've got surrounding my "knitting station" aka my sofa/table making me feel guilty! and stressing me out that I have started but not apparently FINISHING anything some time soon.

SO. with this in mind I am being very mindful of finishing before starting .. Dingle has just 1.5 sleeves to go before I can start to assemble and hopefully this will be done next week or so.  I am enjoying knitting with this yarn and it feel lovely as a knitted fabric too, I will share photographs when its done.

Nothing new OTN's this month but plenty of ideas in the queue stages.  Happy knitting!

We collect our no.1.son from his Uni digs soon - can't wait to have him home for the summer!  Plus I hope he likes his socks - the socks above are actually shown on no.2.son who agreed to model them provided I kept quiet about it.  which I have.  nearly.  still.  the blog doesn't count does it?

finally.  the weather is still horrid but this time because its too HOT! more to the point too sticky!  I've had an awful few days where my funny heart AFib thingie has started up and I'm certain its the exertion in these conditions thats triggering it.