Sunday, 30 September 2012

Knitting Update

Just to show there has been some knitting!
SO sorry to be so long in posting, I had resolved to be more regular but one or two things got in the way.
First off, our no.1.son came home for the summer and we returned him to his new house for start of year at Uni, no.2.son had a summer of visiting uni open days with a view to applying next year .. AND of course biggest of all I returned to WORK!
Only a part time position, but enough to keep me interested and just right for when dh finally gets the shove! 
All together a rather busy summer but there has been knitting!

First off I signed for various Craftsy classes and as part of the beading I made a cuff!

The yarn is Rowan Fine Lace, left over from the lovely Ishbel and the beads were left over from a project with KSH - beaded beauty cardi pattern from a magazine.

Dallan from Rowan magazine 51 is coming along - I've knit the back and just need to crack on with the fronts next!  this is knit in Lima and is lovely to knit with and feels warm and cuddly!

Finally, last OTN's is "Misty" a scarf using two balls of Rowan kidsilkhaze stripe which is lovely to knit and will be yummy when its done!

Cropped Cardigan and Killing Sweater are still OTN's as is Marlene albeit they are "resting" awhile.
I have plans for more knitting projects and will update on Craftsy classes presently.
As we turn to autumn/winter the heating is on, we're feeling the cold already and I am looking forward to enjoying more knitting of traditional patterns - fairisle and cable on the plan!

Next I suppose will be Christmas!  gulp .. x