Friday, 14 November 2008

Trio of skirts (and library book)

Finished the third of my grey (work) skirts, didn't proceed with the pics as basically in this dim evening light they just looked like a bunch of grey fabric!

Usual pattern, Simplicity 5914, a length somewhere inbetween the two views which I thought would give me a bit of extra warmth in the winter - assuming, of course, I get to return to work IN the winter! Love this pattern! would make this over and over!

New pattern, Burda 8213, view B - LOVE this pattern too! think View A, the longer would be super too and ideal for my height (5'6") but not best suited to this weight and drape of fabric.
Annoyingly I had to take the waistband off and readjust the panels to fit as I lost significant weight/inches inbetween cutting and finishing and I shall have to remember to adjust my pattern for next time! (unless. of course. I get better and put said weight back on!).

Finally, my FAVE all time pattern New Look 6843 - so old now I've lost the instructions and all the tissue paper save the two versions I used a few years ago and a recent one for view C with a bit of added length (to just below the knee as opposed to just above it).
I was pleased to find that I fit back, now, into my former pattern size and before committing to my preferred project fabric I tested it by making another in the grey and this will be good as it gives me a choice now of some 5 skirts to rotate with my 4 jackets, 4 skirts are completely different pattern/shapes and each of the jackets are different pattern/shapes too so that ought to completely fool everyone at work into wondering IF I'm wearing the SAME suit or not every day!!

Lots of weekend reading material! one of the library books I'd reserved arrived at my branch today and I ventured out to collect it!
Today my subscriber's copy of Sewing World magazine arrived (looks a bit basic and uninspiring to me but I've not properly sat down with it and, of course, it has arrived same time as Threads which is far superior, in my opinion, as a sewists read anyway!).
Enjoyed reading the article on Yarn Harlot in current copy of Knitting magazine - hope no one minds me saying it made me fall asleep half way through! BUT I had taken two of my extra strong pain killers an hour earlier! I woke up after the magazine dropped with a clatter to the floor and managed to flick the light switch off BEFORE remembering I was reading an interesting article! blast! WIDE AWAKE! I got back UP and flicked light back on and continued reading ..

(interesting post she wrote here! and I found myself nodding in agreement - thats mee! tooo! and I love that we're all, apparently, knitting in Noro yumminess too!! I LOVE my gloves, they are my FAVOURITE project so far!!).

Knitting the foot, now, on Monkey sock.2 and enjoying this project too.

Tomorrow we're taking the lads to see the new James Bond film, we're hoping the initial rush of excitement is finished and it won't be too busy.

Have a super weekend!

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