Monday, 24 November 2008

Little Treasure Boxes

Thanks Val for posting the pics and instructions to make these super little treasure boxes!

I used a piece of cotton fabric some steam-a-seam-2 and plain copier paper to make my first attempt.

I had a little trouble with the folding (geographically challenged as I am it took me ages to work out what I was folding and to where! am still not entirely convinced its folded correctly!)

And either Val fibbed about needing to "cut" off bits that just wouldn't fold anywhere OR I got lost again with the folding of the creases, either way I snipped some triangles and voila! its done! it is a box!

Its a box! with a lid!
(its a wonky box with a lid that has to forced atop and is probably best not to hope to get inside it to retrieve any goodies/treasures, but it IS most certainly a lidded box and I made it all by myself!)

Thanks Val! I must practice a bit more, perhaps, to get it down from 90mins of folding, creasing and snipping to the more productive 10mins ..


Valeri said...

Nice little box but you've got too many creases in there. You only fold twice to begin with. Once to centre and then again to the fold you've just made by going to centre! I'm really impressed with your box considering you had more than you needed crease wise!

SewIknit2 said...

lol! well it DID take me 90mins to force it into something like a box! I gave in at least 8 times but was determined to finish it!!
Have had another thought about the boxes! Will try today and let you know!!