Saturday, 22 November 2008

Jaywalker sock.1 complete

Finished sock.1 yesterday and sock.2 is OTN's.
Love the yarn! and the colours and patterning!
Jaywalker pattern isn't my most favourite but it suits the yarn nicely, don't you think?
I might not want to rush and cast on for another pair straight off like I did my Monkey's but I'm enjoying knitting this simple pattern and can't wait to wear them!!

Tempted with these for my next project!

(VERY cold today! not planning on doing anything other than sitting down with the central heating on and KNITTING! Later we have to sort out no.1.son's applications for 6th form college.)


Jan said...

LOVE the socks Sue and the colours are just great!! Really like the mix....puts me in mind of the red centre of Australia :) LOL - had a big giggle when I read you were staying in with the central heating on and I was just complaining on my blog how HOT it is here! About to go have a cold shower! LOL Jan xxx

SewIknit2 said...

Jan, I think I'm coming over to move in with YOU! its MISERABLE over here at the moment and they keep mentioning that sn*w word too!!
LOVE your super latest bags, btw! you know me and PINK!!