Sunday, 23 November 2008

Just looking after your KNITTING, mum!

"Just looking at your knitting, Mum!" ... (hmm. silly Mum has left her knitting!)

"Just checking for pattern errors!" (I'll just have a bit of a poke and a claw ..)

"hmm .. seems to be something needs a closer check here" (it might be a MOUSE!?)

"I'll .. just chew a bit on it, just to make sure .." (she'll never know! just one more bite?)

"Me .. ? chewing .. ? no! I was just looking AFTER your knitting, Mum!"
(oh dear! yikes! best I put on best cute-cat expression and she'll forgive me!)

Thanks. I think. To no.2.son
for finding my camera. And sitting patiently taking several shots of Bertie checking my knitting project. For blog purposes, he said ..
Can you tell the weather is poor? They are all bored! and waiting for "mum" to sort out and organise them all ..

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