Thursday, 13 November 2008

Back at the sewing machine

Yesterday I returned to my sewing machine and managed to find some energy and enthusiasm to finish my two grey skirts (for work) that I started a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I appear to have lost weight (did I SAY that!?) well its unfortunate in the sense that the skirts are hanging off me and I've had to adjust the fit which was a nuisance mostly because I dislike and avoid alterations at all costs and its annoying to have to alter a brand new garment - bah!
HAPPILY, however, it prompted me to try on a lovely denim skirt made years ago in a super purple colour where I'd reversed the lower hemmed patch and embroidered in toning purple thread a sort of "design" which I've not been able to get into for years and it FITS! hurrah!
Actually what this REALLY means is that if I can fit into IT I can fit into the PATTERN and to prove it I made up another "work" skirt which means I've found a pattern that FITS that matches the yardage I've got of the super faux suede I mentioned ages ago (also in purple! which should be trendy as its the "in" colour).

Possibly the time spent at sewing machine and on ironing/pressing has aggravated my shoulder? anyway I'm up - again - sigh with it feeling like a firework has gone off in my shoulder radiating down to elbow AND my stomach aches but I feel .. enthused! I daren't switch the machines ON at this early hour, it would surely wake the cats if not the husband!

Turned the heel and worked the gusset yesterday on sock.2, hope to crack on today with it further! the library tells me another book I've reserved has arrived! and I've picked up a copy of Knitting mag and my sub. copy of Threads have arrived, "today" I shall sit and relax and READ I think while I wait for my body to behave itself and return to normal!

(couple of patterns in Knitting mag that look quite nice and I've yarn in stash for, but I'm trying not to get sidetracked into more "new" projects at the moment)

Tesco had the copy of Sew Hip magazine on its shelves too! I had a quick look at it but didn't buy a copy (maybe I ought to?) it was a little too "crafty" and aimed at the more novice for my taste - I turned down a mag purchase opportunity??! but it certainly looked good and interesting from the quick glance through it! I shall, however, make a point of buying the next edition of Yarn Forward, I REALLY like this mag! (what I appreciated the most was the pattern's suggestions of yarn alternatives! I know I should work this out for myself, but I like to be TOLD what else might work as a substitute!).


makeitsew07 said...

What a great discovery, that you can fit into something you made awhile ago.. that must be the silver lining!

Sounds like those 27 m's of grey flannel may be turning into projects after all.. woohoo !! Hope your shoulder gets better soon, tho. I feel your pain.......


Valeri said...

I'm really jealous that you've lost weight! Hmm!

SewIknit2 said...

lol! CAKE and GIN all round for cyber pals then, Debs and Val? unfortunately losing weight due to not being well isn't the same as losing it due to deliberate dieting but perhaps if I get rid of all my OLD clothes I'll have to stay this way (or go nekked!! gulp!!).
Finished another skirt today! woooo!!