Monday, 10 November 2008

The Gloves are on!

Hurrah the gloves are finished!
I've Ravelled it too and am resolved to add new projects as and when I go as its a nightmare trying to do it retrospectively and have given up on some things! Pics too have been updated to Flickr which I'm also resolved to doing in timely fashion in future.

A nice quick knit perfectly suited to evening (or afternoon. come to think of it, morning too!) sat with the family watching tv type of project and I would knit these again but perhaps in a more stable yarn as I found the typically Noro-y thick/thin lumpy bits then skinny bits a bit annoying particularly as two or three assorted fingers over the pair of gloves have large lumpy bits making me look like I've got sausages for fingers! The fingers are slightly longer than I need for my hands but I stuck with the pattern and will amend for further gloves.

I fancy Design 30 from my Noro Designer Mini Knits book next, as they are proper fingerless gloves but need to check in stash for suitable yarn as I'm not buying ANYTHING thats not absolutely essential due to now being down to basic sick-pay only and at this side of Christmas I can't rush off to buy yumminess at the drop of a hat no MATTER how much I fancy Design 2. I'm not a hat person, generally, but with the weather turning cold just lately I've started thinking perhaps a hat for out walking would be good.

You can see extracts of the designs here, and I quite fancy the mittens too - have noticed, generally, across a lot of knitty-blogs that mittens are terribly popular at the moment - perhaps I'll have a go?

Anyway, this is a super book and I would recommend it and the yarn is nice and suitably yummy enough to justify the total expense of the some £23 I couldn't really afford but just HAD to spend and its given me something to think about other than my blasted shoulder and gallbladder!


mooncalf said...

Love the gloves. Happy Norovember!

SewIknit2 said...

Very good! LOVE the comment!
You keep warm yourself too this winter, and well!
Sue xx

Jules said...

Looking good!:)