Wednesday, 5 November 2008

First glove finished (2nd cast on)

Seriously concerned am not going to have enough yarn to complete the 2nd glove and not sure what to do as its quite a unique yarn (and rather expensive!) in the event I'm a finger or two short!
Regardless I am pressing on and will see how it looks after I start the fingers.
Not sewn it up, yet, but perhaps I could afford to lose a bit off each finger however am reluctant to unpick and reknit.
You can just make out the pretty picot edge that will be more obvious after I've sewn the hem edge to inside.
SUPER quick fun project, enough to keep you on your toes with keeping check of where you are, but not too taxing that can't keep up with Coronation Street!

Slightly more promising on the pain front! didn't, in fact, need to frighten the GP, he wrote a prescription for strong painkillers, booked me in to local Hospital AND had a quick feel of my knee which he insists is NOT arthritic but agrees is rather clicky! Hopefully my shoulder will be sorted with the Physio next month and now, apparently, I have to get my gallstones sorted!

Tonight we have no.1.son's parents evening at School and apparently they are to have their OFSTED inspection soon and are invited to comment, anonymously if we like. I have and I don't expect any notice to be taken, but I feel better for saying it.

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