Thursday, 6 November 2008

Frog the gloves and update

Well I've spent ages on Ravelry updating my pages and stash and am resolved to putting my projects up BEFORE I start them. I really should try harder! I'm certain I've missed some socks and stuff off but I've lost the will to continue due to pain in shoulder and stomach AND knee.

Unfortunately I knit loads last night to try and ignore the pain and realised this morning that I'd in fact knit a 2nd left hand glove! frogged back to the point at which I start the thumb and have decided to proceed even though I've got doubts about the yarn. Careful weighing of the left overs from project 1 in same yarn, diff. colourway indicates I could just do it if I don't mind two muddy brown fingers ..

Wishing now I'd not been a total ninny and selected the lower end of the painkillers on offer by my GP and gone, instead, for the upper end. Daren't phone and request a change, for fear of being struck off - I've been practically living in the Dr's this past month even I would ban me!


makeitsew07 said...

I'm sorry you are in so much pain. Perhaps you need a nice relaxing soak in a warm tub ?

Owwwwwww. that hurt..

Hugs, Debs

SewIknit2 said...

Of course what Debs is trying to SAY is that maybe I ought to go and get stuck in the bathtub again and panic about getting OUT with only one arm in use is practically IMPOSSIBLE!
Fair ended up hauling myself out via a towel wrapped around the taps with one leg one way the other half way up the tiled wall!
and we WON'T mention trapped inside polo neck jumpers EITHER .. grr!
love-ya! MadSue!