Tuesday, 18 November 2008

OTN : Jaywalker socks and dishcloth

Another dishcloth, this time on larger needles - 5mm. When I can remember where I found the source for this simple pattern I'll edit and link, this is much better suited to this cotton yarn that my previous first attempt.

I DID print off (and read thoroughly) the marvellous instructions for knitting two socks on 2x circulars and HAD resolved to try this out using this GORGEOUS sock yarn, but then my shoulder twinged. And my stomach ached. And I decided what I really needed was to just sit and not have to THINK!

I'm knitting up the easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy pattern Jaywalker socks which can be found on Ravelry as free download. I started this twice already with different colours before deciding on the green/blues but WISH I'd seen the red! never mind, I'm not starting again just for the leading colour!!

Regia Design Line by Kaffe Fassett, x2 shade 04259/Landscape Fire, 2.25dpns I'm cast on for 76st. The yarn was a bargain with 20% reduction and the colours are brilliant! my feet will draw lots of attention, which probably isn't wise given my feet are terrible!!

Heather and I are both "sad" as we admit to sitting on sofas surrounded by knitting books (and magazines!) and my sadness extends too, to the bedroom! my bedside cabinet is heaving under weight of more books and magazines and I often hear an "ouch! DAMN!" in the night as dh stubs a toe or knocks a shin on my BOXES of mags that sit outside on the landing! I'm not certain how this all started up again! I had, afterall, given up knitting! Anyone else as sad as us?

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