Wednesday, 26 November 2008

More lingerie

Ezi Sew 101 is the pattern I used and have done sew many times before as you can see here, I generally enjoy sewing bras but for some strange reason I struggled with this one. Its all turned out fine in the end, though, and I might have another bash tomorrow although I shall have to use my Kwik Sew 1018 as I've used up all my underwires.

Most of my powernet, elastics, and rings and sliders bits and pieces came from English Couture and I see Michelle's website is updated since I last looked, I shall look forward to looking at it a little more closely! The shoulder strapping and possibly the lace, too, came from Pauline on one of her very early trips to UK and is absolutely the last of it which was why I was SEW cross with myself for mixing up my lefts and rights and putting the cups in UPSIDE down!

No.1.son is feeling fine today, thanks, Val! and I'm not feeling too brilliant but nothing I don't already know about and I'm making sure I rest up as I think my feelings of fatigue are more frequent this last day or so, probably because I'm not sleeping as well due to the blasted shoulder! Only another week and a bit and I have all my appointments - not that I'm expecting to be put right, but I'm mostly hopeful!!

Planning to turn the heel and work the gusset and then leave sock.2 OTN as my "hospital project" as I have three appointments in one week and might need something easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to do without having to think, and the "foot" section will be just perfect.


Valeri said...

Lovely bra...clever you. Makes me want to make some, but where is the time!

SewIknit2 said...

Val, well, I'm not sure I'm clever, exactly! and I don't know where to get more time, all I can say is that with practice it takes LESS time than you might imagine!