Tuesday, 25 November 2008

One or two creases shy of a perfect box or too!

Well. I think I've nearly creased it.
Sat down this afternoon with several sheets of paper and can at last assemble the wretched boxes but I'm still a little confused with the folding and marking, I expect its me, I'm a bit thick like that with following instructions no matter how straightforward, I think my brain melts when I have to think about lefts and rights, something to do with being seriously geographically challenged.
Still. I may be one or two creases shy OF a perfect box, but I have made two super little boxes out of Christmas cards which I think are rather fun!
If I could stand to do more, I expect I could use up all of my oddments of paper/card and I had to restrain myself from getting excited at the prospect of silver holographic card/box as thats really just too sad even for me!

Sewing wise, I spent a couple of hours making a new bra (and another hour cutting the cups and making major adjustments after I realised I'd inserted them upside down AND left to right but had topstitched and elasticated and inserted underwires by this stage and couldn't be bothered to start over and am short on supplies in "white" meaning as I WANT a white bra, I have to make this one fit! Fortunately it does/will! and no one will be able to tell as .. well no one will be LOOKING, will they?

Knitting wise, this morning I started the heel flap on Jaywalker sock.2 and tonight I may continue with this (unless I go all silly and start creasing that silver holographic card. no. I think I'm over that. for now).

No.1.son is not feeling too well. Announced after dinner he was feeling sick. (this happens a lot. but usually from no.2.son.) he must be feeling unwell as he switched off the PS3 and took himself off to bed before 9pm.
I'm not feeling too great myself! and now, of course, I'm wondering if we've got a bug too! which is all I need. My shoulder has particularly hurt this last two nights and this evening I took a couple of the painkillers and plan another two before bed, just hope no.1.son only FEELS sick and is not actually sick!

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Valeri said...

Beautiful little boxes and SEW Christmassy! Hope you are feeling better and your son!