Sunday, 9 November 2008

Back on track and general domestics

I'm back on track with the gloves and still hopeful I'll stretch the remaining yarn to complete it, my fingerless gloves in same yarn are just so WARM I think it will be worth the hope I can finish them!

Generally a busy day yesterday, our no.1.son is in his final year at secondary school and we spent the day between two 6th form colleges for their open days - a bit tedious but apparently is essential nowadays. In my day you just left and got a job! I left school 3months shy of 16 and was packed off to a stable yard as a "working pupil" (which meant I worked damned hard - usually 7am to 7pm 7days a week for 3 weeks with 1 weekend off in 4 only in 6months I only ACTUALLY achieved 1 weekend off! My LateMother and StepFather "fetched" me home shortly after! it certainly put me off and I was never so glad to be stuck in a boring office thereafter! at least it had closing times!!) along with 4 others where we "worked" in the yard in return for the tutoring in horse management and qual. in teaching riding. Great fun - at the time! marvellous to be away from home and learned all sorts of things, mostly to do with getting into pubs and drinking, mind! and I didn't actually GET to a college until I was about 22yrs!

Anyway, no.1.son wants to join the RAF and he's being as stubborn about it as I was about my choices with my parents at the same age, and, determined not to make the same mistakes as my LateMum, I've been persuaded to go along with him and find out a bit more!

We've narrowed his choice down to two colleges and he's sort of got an idea of what he wants to study too! DH got quite carried away and enthusiastic with one history teacher and we left them to it in the end and I think he nearly signed HIMSELF up for the course! I suggested to him that he look at going to nightschool himself if that interested! why not? he won't, of course! at 63yr he thinks he's too old!

Returned home to find that no.2.son 13yrs had really made HIS mind up that he was not going to local firework display and poor dh tried hard to be all threatening and insist he DID come but in the end I agreed he was old enough to make his own mind up and HE stayed home (to watch X-factor!) and we went out and got soaking wet and watched a few fireworks before retiring to the clubhouse for a few drinks and keep dry!

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