Sunday, 16 November 2008

Cinema (James Bond)

Well we went to the cinema to see the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, and generally we enjoyed it although the lads seemed a bit bored with it and we missed the usual "humour" (and the gadgets!). It was okay for a family trip to the cinema, we caught the 4pm showing and it broke up the weekend nicely but none of us would particularly enthuse about the film.

Knit a few more rounds of my sock, another 1.5 repeats of the 11row pattern and I complete the toe and finish. Need to decide about next sock project - shall I try the two socks x 2 circulars?

Starting to feel a strong inclination toward something cabley too! trying to resist temptation to cast on the stashed cocoon as I am still resoved to finish the blasted sideways jackets which in any case is too big a project for my shoulder to handle and so, too, would the cocoon! .. sigh .. everywhere I look there are these cabley things calling to me too .. (maybe I ought to knit when I get up this early? perhaps I'd work my way through all stash and solve all my problems!)

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makeitsew07 said...

I like the look of cables, my mum and sister both did a lot of them.
Did a System Restore and I can read my Google Reader again so it must have been one of those Windows updates.. bah.
Hope you get a nap this afternoon!! And tell DH not to wake you for tea again, lol.