Sunday, 2 November 2008

Naughty cat and what happens to knitty stuff left lying about

If you've got a naughty cat then you know this sort of thing happens:
Finally got up after a grand total of zero hours of sleep after I gave in and tried to sleep this morning around the 5am mark and sat down with a bowl of porridge and tried to think positively about the painful shoulder.
BERTIE (who was cross with me for disturbing his sleep last night and always finds a way to get his revenge) decided to pounce! first on my remaining skein of Noro and attack it with teeth and claws and then, quick as a flash, he'd seized my fingerless glove and was attempting to kill it, toss & catch it AND bury it at all the same time.

I suppose you're wondering why I reached for the camera instead of the glove?
Would YOU approach those teeth and claws to retrieve a catch?
Besides, I need the evidence! my no.1.son who officially "owns" Bertie does not believe me that HIS cat is a naughty boy!
Besides. I've discovered with Bertie that the BEST approach is to let him have his prize for a few mins before removing and under NO circumstances to shriek hysterically or display any sign of hysteria about the attacked article due to fact that Bertie remembers this and returns again and again and attempts to increase the hysteria.
It took me months of missing pincushions, trailing "small samples" and reels of threads and lengths of ribbon/elastics about my sewing room before I realised it was in my better interests to NOT insist Bertie be permanently banned from entering.
Now that he's officially allowed in and has his own "pincushion" he behaves himself (mostly!) and apart from last week when a funny squeaky noise alerted me to some excitement happening in my sewing room and I discovered Bertie had flicked off the caps from top of overlocking threads and was trying to bury them in his "stash corner" which is rather trickily hidden around the bend of a set of wheeled drawers, he has generally been quite well behaved. (or at least when I've been present).

Anybody got any crafty-minded cat tips for me to try and attempt to restrain Bertie from playing with my crafty stuff?


Jules said...

LOLOLOLOL I know I shouldn't laugh but that's too cute.;)

SewIknit2 said...

trouble IS, he knows it! he's a naughty cat and we let him I suppose!