Sunday, 7 September 2008

Dreadful Weather!

The rain has been torrential! today we should be enjoying a last day trip out to the Races on a coach trip from dh's work's socialclub only the meeting has been cancelled due to the course being severely waterlogged!

Yesterday we decided to go over to visit one of my brothers but had to turn back for home after the weather worsened and we drove through flooded roads that resembled rivers! at one point the drains had burst on one of our main roads in-city and were spouting torrents of water upwards and visibility was restricted.

Today is a little better and we shall make our way over later on!

He is in for a treat as we plan to take our hundred's of holiday photos!

Tomorrow sees a return to *normal* in our household, the lads return to school on Monday- hurrah!

This time of the year always sees us starting to think of Christmas and we've made a start on buying festive fayre which is a habit I started when I didn't work as the lads were born and money was tight - in those days I used to give it all to my Mother to keep for us for safety purposes but now that she's not here I just keep it at home! Seems to come earlier and earlier, we were still in August when the first of our local supermarkets started stocking aisles of Christmas Fayre which is far too early I think! lets at least get the central heating switched on! brrrr! it has been COLD this last week and yesterday we gave in and switched our gas fire on which is the earliest we've done and I'm not sure if its down to the changing weather patterns OR the fact that we're getting older! and thus less hardy! still, we see no reason to suffer from cold not least that knitting is harder with COLD and arthritic wrists!

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