Monday, 22 September 2008

Summer has ended! Autumn has officially started

Well good riddance! I say! good riddance to Summer 2008 - what a complete washout! Worse, I'd say, than 2007, quite frankly I'm glad its now officially Autumn!

We've not had a bad few days particularly this weekend, mind that was no use to me while I was at work! but it did mean the family got out into the garden! dh was tackling for the 3rd weekend in a row the huge and overgrown hedge and the lads spent ages taking dozens of photo's of the little hedgehog they found (rather foolishly in my opinion) wandering about the garden sunning himself! The cats were rather interested, I gather, IN the hedgehog and apparently Lilly had to be taken inside and the door firmly closed due to trying to eat said hedgehog .. (Bertie, rather typically, hid behind a pile of newly chopped hedge clippings and waited for hedgehog to either attack or run away; in the end the lads felt sorry for him and put him out of his misery by taking HIM inside where he proceeded to watch from their bedroom window clawing at and ripping too, the net curtains! bah!).

Goodbye Summer and Hello Autumn!

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