Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Look at me!

What do you think? This is my hair now its dyed! I had it cut again last night so its quite short, but it has faded nicely now (the colour) and won't need doing again (I'm told!) for another 5weeks.
I've just about got used to my hair being all one colour and NO grey! yay!!
Took me about a fortnight to get used to it and next time Steve is going to go one number down (or up? lighter anyway).
I'm not sure if the photo is blurred because of no.2.son's giggling or because of mine, either way these are two pics that show the new colour!

Thanks Jules! for nominating my blog! I had an interesting time reading your referrals and was thrilled to be included as one of them! - cyber-hugs and much chucking of balls of yumminess in the air by celebration!

DON'T talk to me about my Monkey socks!
I've gone WRONG (would you BELIEVE?)
and I wouldn't mind but I'm only ON row 3 .. blast!

I blame it on my shoulder!
Am having tremendous problems at the minute with health all round and this latest is the most PAINFUL! Today I have had an injection in my shoulder (well down a bit, more like my arm but I'm told it will travel to the shoulder and hopefully, to the elbow too!)

Either way I don't think my concentration last night was terribly good and today I need to unpick and start again ..


Valeri said...

I like the 'new'you. Makes you look sooooo young!

SewIknit2 said...

Val! you are my friend for LIFE! thanks SEW much!! cool!!!

Jules said...

You are MORE than welcome! And I love to see my online friends add pictures so I can "see" you in my head.:) You look MAVALOUS dahling!;) That color is good with your skin tone. It's amazing how hair color can brighten more than the hair.:)