Wednesday, 10 September 2008

A first jewellery project! (kit)

Remember the necklace kit I bought?

I made it up today!

Switching to the lads' bedroom to use their handy flexible lamp for assistance with the fiddly parts!

Above shows my finished necklace! hurrah! its GREAT and I'm wearing it now doubled about my neck and no.2.son admired it saying it looks *shop bought*! (he's very kind! he also made favourable comments about my pink/green Coast sock - although he was quick to add that did NOT mean he wanted me to knit/make HIM anything!).

I bought the kit as a confidence booster for a first project as I have wanted to make simple personalised jewellery for a while and thought this might start me off on the right footing!
I have several boxes of assorted bits and pieces for jewellery making as this is what my Late Mother did and I thought I'd sort through and try and use some of her/my stuff as it just sits there doing there and taking up space in my fabric cupboard this last 5yrs!

A bit fiddly, particularly the tiny rings, but after I moved into the more spacious and lit area it got easier and I rather enjoyed it and found it quicker than I anticipated too. I wish I'd spaced the beads a little more thoughtfully (I mean accurately!) but wrapped about my neck it all seems fine to me. The bead mat I bought for £1 at the last sewing exhibition was terribly useful as it held all the tiny parts while I fiddled and fumbled.


Jules said...

I love jewelry making too! Yours looks great. I make tons of earrings & bracelets. You've inspired me to try a necklace now.:)

Wilda said...