Monday, 8 September 2008

My sock is flawed!

Blast! and just as I was getting into this pattern! look.. carefully .. lower right hand side, just a couple of blocks up from the needles .. see? and there is a worse patch on the reverse side which I'm not even looking/thinking at/about! grrr!!

THIS is what makes me sew cross with knitting and with myself in particular!
dead EASY pattern! and I've got it wrong and not even spotted it until way past the point of oh I'll just unpick a couple of rows!

Now. I'm hoping that I'll be more careful in the future and I can disguise the larger patch by switching my needles to have it on the back/heel side telling myself that NO ONE looks at my feet anyway and socks are worn under trousers too so it would have to be a fairly determined person to go about finding any such flaws .. but WILL I BE HAPPY, knowing its there?

If I do decide to unpick it, I honestly think I might unpick the lot and start afresh with another pattern ..

What should I do? vote in my poll what you would do if it were your sock and your flaw you'd spotted


makeitsew07 said...

I guess I need another set of new eyeglasses.. I can't see a flaw. I see an interesting pattern..

You're obsessing again !! ;-)
Finish them and send them to meee and I won't even notice any flaws, I'll just be thrilled to have some pretty socks to wear.. (of course if you have small feet, please have the courtesy to make them big enuf for me, lol )
Your rude cyber pal, Debs

SewIknit2 said...

Debs you are one TOTAL mad-mare! and very kind to squash all thoughts of patterns going wrong! it is quite hopeless in parts on the reverse, but as you say, it is an interesting pattern and VERY pretty socks, I'm over it now and carrying on knitting regardless!!


mooncalf said...

I can't see it either. I think you might have to decide whether or not it will bother YOU as I don't think anyone else would notice. But if it drives you mad that isn't much comfort.

I've never been to a knitting event other than IKnit Day but I might get more adventurous in the future. I'd recommend it if you didn't have too far to travel but I'd seen everything I wanted to within about 3 hours so unless you're close or using it as an excuse to meet people I wouldn't make a long journey. Glad I went though!