Sunday, 7 September 2008

NEW sock is OTN's!

I can't think WHY I stopped knitting socks for so long! finishing off sock.2 jitterbug, made me decide to get another pair on the go and over this weekend I've rolled up my stashed Coast by Hipknits purchased at a Knitting and Stitch show (I shan't be going this year, work commitments are such that it would be difficult to fit it in around my friend's busy schedule as she plans a holiday to Australia shortly to have a reunion with a school pal who lives out there).

As you can see I've cast on! and enjoying knitting another pattern from the super book More Sensational Knitted socks the pattern I'm knitting is on page 88 and I'm being super organised this time in writing out what I'm doing and ticking off as I do it in the hopes that this makes me more inclined to pick up and finish what I might put down! (and then put off picking up again, due to having to spend time working out where I might have left off! which is what I think happened with my previous sock. ofcourse it will be different with THIS one! THIS one I shan't put down! ha-ha!!)

close up shows the lovely colours and the pretty pattern which is based over 5 rows and repeats over 6st's and is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

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