Sunday, 7 September 2008

Jitterbug Sock is complete!

I've turned the corner! and as you can see above, turned the heel on 2nd sock, Jitterbug yarn, at last! determined to get back to knitting and socks in particular with the weather turning I decided to get my sock finished and very pleased with it/them I am too!

I love the little heel turny bit, and as its been SEW long since I blogged this pattern originally, I've taken a photo that shows the lovely stitch I selected for the heel in close up, see pic below

Here above and below you can see my completed socks! I love these, the yarn is FAB! and the pattern also! The colour is not terribly true, its actually rather more raspberry in shade my photo's look a little bright, but you get the idea!

Talking of bright and not seeing colour quite the way I do, last week I finally took the plunge and had my hair dyed!
Hurrah! no more grey!
A week in and I'm nearly at the point of almost liking it! it still seems a little bright and dark all at once although I'm assured by friends who have been doing it for years that it does fade a little and that it takes at least a fortnight to overcome the *I hate it! what have I DONE!?* feeling when I catch sight of myself in a mirror and wonder WHO is that looking over my shoulder with the DARK hair!!
I'll try and get a photo taken and you can see for yourselves!

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