Monday, 22 September 2008

Sideways jacket back on the go!

Still OTN's from last year (gulp!) and now on the go! my sideways self-stripe jacket.

Picked up from where I left off, some 20cms into the back after the first armhole shaping, I realised why I'd lost heart with this project: I thought it was too short and feared I was wasting my time! However a knitty-pal and fellow Raveler assured me ages back that it just needed a damn good pressing on the ironing board to stretch it to length!
(I'm hoping she's right! based on her experience I'm battling on and plan to complete it before I start my next project!)

Here it is looking gorgeously finished!

Sat and knitted loads across the back last night, Lilly decided it made a super comfy cat-blanket on my knees and I had terrible job keeping her away, in the end decided to let her sit on it in case she decided to seek it out of my knitting bag while I'm not around to rescue it during the night! (I have come down first thing in the morning to find my socks or other yarn in the middle of the floor or tucked away somewhere I'm sure I'd not previously left it!).
Bertie, thankfully, does not care for knitty stuff. However he is becoming troublesome in my sewing room - again! yesterday I arrived home to find my cutting mat on table top completely empty. And all what should have been on it strewn about the room, the landing and behind the ironing board! I expect he was pretending to attack the hedgehog in the garden, either that or he feared the hedgehog about to invade and was thoughtfully hiding *stuff* for me!.

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