Thursday, 11 September 2008

Excitement in the garden

well it started in the back garden!
moved inside the house!
thankfully, back outside to the front garden!

We thought the cats were up to something. Crowded around something. but couldn't SEE anything. Turns out it was a frog! they'd managed to find a frog! Lilly picked it up and ran off with it from under Bertie's nose and brought it into the house, luckily no.1.son spotted her and identified something in her mouth and alerted me!
Well! we were all hopping about and shrieking! we didn't know what it was at first! all curled up and looking very still! no.1.son managed to grasp Lilly and put her outside and we wondered what to do! just as dh decided to be brave and approach the "thing" .. it HOPPED! right up in the air! frightened the life out of him! HE was sat backwards on the stairs heaving slightly and feeling wobbly, no.2.son started SHRIEKING as he's decided he doesn't like creepy crawlies now he's discovered our house is actually FULL of spiders which come out after10pm andwhereas before he was always in bed before10pm, now he's older he's not!

(trying very very hard NOT to use the suggestion he get an early night in order to avoid SEEING the spiders too often just in case it triggers a phobia!)

No.1.son opens the door to see what all the fuss is about and thus lets Lilly back IN and we have HER dashing about the hall chasing this leaping frog toward dh who is showing signs of panic! no.2.son is calming down and manages to grab a mop which I thrust at dh, no.1.son catches Lilly again and puts her out AGAIN .. and no.2.son manages to open the front door .. and, thankfully, the frog decides to leap out of the door!

When I was about 5yrs I remember catching a frog and bringing it in to show my late Dad; he was busy at the time and I dropped it in the washing up bowl to show him later and forgot all about it. Until HE remembered the dishes and sunk his hands into soapy water and came up clutching a frog and SHRIEKED before nearly fainting! Did I get into trouble for that! but very funny!!

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